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Apparently I am getting crochety now that I've reached a certain age.  Giovanni's Room put out an e-mail just about m/m romance.  Most of what they listed was published by Dreamspinner.  I said that there were a lot of other publishers of m/m romance, some of whom pay me and some of whom don't, and I sent a list.  I said first that it was great they had an e-mail about m/m romance, and a new section for it.  I also said that I'd be happy to recommend titles and authors, and sent a link for the m/m romance forum on AfterElton.  Why not cross-pollinate?

I don't think it will actually come across as cranky, because tone of voice doesn't come across, and I made some reasonable suggestions.  They just need to broaden their horizons.  They've had plenty of Samhain books there, and I think some from Loose Id.  They mentioned one MLR book, so I didn't feel the need to include the link for MLR.  They've had Josh's books there I think every time I've looked.  I sent the link (as "one who doesn't pay me") to Blind Eye Books.

I'm pretty sure I'll get an e-mail back, and they'll take me up on my volunteer offer to give suggestions.  Since I provided full disclosure on what publishers I work for, I suppose they'll figure I'll otherwise be objective enough.  

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