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Wednesday a few hours later

I tried several times to get to sleep, and couldn't.  I read various things.  I had figured that Anagama Fires was something I'd read at some point.  Of course, when I started reading it, I got instantly and completely swept into it.  I liked Lucian and the boys, but was annoyed by what an incredible jerk Colin was.  The parts about making and firing the pottery were very interesting.  I'd had some basic pottery classes when I was young, so I could picture some of the processes.  It was all very well-written.

I'd mentioned that I was well aware of the stories Sarah wrote for Changeling.  I especially liked Big Balls and Trouble and Vindaloo and the T-Bird, but I enjoyed them all.

I made myself a cup of hazelnut coffee, and drank that around six a.m.  I figure that when that wears off, I'll take a nap.  I want to get some editing done sometime today or tonight.

I did my Kobo shopping for the day.  I got Victor Banis' Angel Land, which seems to be a dystopian story.  I was pleased that it didn't have DRM, so I could save it into my documents as well as onto the e-reader.

Later: After rush hour, I want to go to a Borders and look at the Kobo readers.  I'd like to see them for myself.  I saw that they're also doing a "win an e-reader if you buy a Game of Thrones book" contest.  They don't even mention the "buy any book and enter a contest" one that I'm playing in the information about the Game of Thrones book contest.  I guess getting a Game of Thrones book narrows it down a lot.

Later still, around nine p.m.:  I got to the Borders north of Wilmington, Delaware.  It may not be the closest store mileage-wise, but there's a traffic light at that strip mall, and Delaware is the land of no sales tax.  They had the Kobo wireless on display at the information desk.  It was $99.00.  I took a look at it, just experimenting with how it worked.  It seemed to me that once it's set up, it's very easy to use.  I didn't have a problem with the buttons at all.  I've read reviews that said that the navigation button was hard to use, and it seemed just fine to me.

The saleslady there asked another employee to bring out a Kobo Touch for me to look at.  That was very nice, too.  The second saleslady showed me a bunch of the features of the Kobo Touch.  It seemed very user-friendly to me.  It was $129.00, she told me.

The Kobo readers both seemed much easier to use than the Nooks I saw.  I figured a lot out for myself with the Kobo wireless. 

There was a Sony Pocket reader there, too.  Ordinarily it's $179.00, but it was on sale for $109.00.  It seems very like the Daily Edition as far as how to use it.  No wireless, but the text on the screen was really pretty readable.  That's the one with the 5" screen.

The e-readers were all very tempting, but I'd told the salesladies I was just looking, and I didn't buy any of them.  I told Mom I wouldn't buy any unless something happened to mine, though it would be nice to have a backup.  They also seem like they'd make excellent gifts, but I'd have to choose a person.

I got the latest two Stephanie Plum books, and the latest Suzanne Brockmann Troubleshooters/SEALs book.  I had a 20% off coupon that I'd printed out.  There was a promo that had one of the books 30% off, too, so altogether I saved quite a lot of money. 

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