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James announced that he and a bunch of other authors will be doing readings and book signings at Giovanni's Room:  (*squee on my own LJ*)  I have six of James' books in print.  I said that between all the authors, I have dozens of books.  I also commented that I'd have to get S. to be my packhorse.  I've called him already.  He probably has something scheduled as president of the GLBT group at [local university].  If he does, I'll try to get him to ditch it.  I wondered as well if I could print out title pages of e-books I have and get them signed.  That would be part of the "dozens."

(Added later: S. is up for it.  He doesn't mind doing the heavy lifting.  I'll have to loan him some of the print books so he recognizes the authors' names.)

I did a bit of Kobo shopping today, and got Sarah Black's Anagama Fires.  She has another couple out through Dreamspinner, but I'll get them directly from Dreamspinner, so they don't have the DRM on them and I can choose the formats.  I'm not sure if Sarah is currently writing regularly, but she has some novellas and short stories out that I haven't read yet.  Changeling published two or three novellas of hers last year, or within the last several months.  I was very excited about those at the time.  They were very good stories.  As to my shopping, I'm playing along with a "win a Kobo Touch" promotional again.  So far I've gotten a mix between novellas and short stories in the days of the promotional.  I'm trying to get one thing a day for the days it runs.  I suppose it's like gambling, except that I have something to show for it.

It was more fun playing in the Rainbow eBooks promotional for July, because nothing I got from them had DRM on it, and they were multiformat books.  I found all kinds of good stuff.  Not that I haven't found good books from my Kobo shopping, but it's also a little more difficult to shop on that site.  I have to think whether I'll continue with the Kobo contests, but honestly I'm really enjoying them.  I've got the books on my e-reader -- the "something to show for it" -- and there's the chance to win prizes.  I'll play along with this promotional while it lasts, anyway.

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