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There hasn't been much of Monday yet for me either.  I got a straight romance from Loose Id last night, and I was reading that.  It's called The Escort.  Of course the poor but virtuous heroine expects that there will be no sex while she acts as an escort, and the hero expects otherwise, but humors her until she falls at his sexy feet.  There are such things as him going into the bathrooom to "do his business" and not closing the door.  Somehow I just don't find that sexy.  At all.  So far there's a lot of drinking, and there's been a drunken blackout on his part, not to mention him encouraging an alcoholic friend in "one last binge before he goes to rehab."  Then our hero says, "What was I thinking?"  I wondered that, too.  The blurb sounded good, but the book itself is a WTF for me so far.

(Later: The book went off in all different directions of WTF.  After they return from their trip, he does low things, she does low things, he's revealed to have done more wrong things.  (*spoilery*) Their ex-spouses show up to complicate matters.  The protagonists turn out not to be generally homophobic themselves, but they're not exactly politically correct in some cases, either.  They did more drinking.  As far as writing ability goes, it wasn't bad writing at all, and I kept reading to see what would happen next.  Then when things happened, I just wondered, "Why?"

It was a romance, and there were heavy romance plot elements.  Personally, I wouldn't have forgiven someone for some of the things the protagonists did to each other.  Maybe it was more old school that way.  Not that he ever forced her to have sex with him -- it wasn't old school like that.  It was the way they accepted apologies from each other when I wouldn't have thought they could accept apologies for those things.  It was also the way they acquiesced to certain things, and had other people advise them to acquiesce to things that were going on.)

I got a m/m romance as well, Wolf in the Fold.  It's a historical with BDSM and werewolves.  I liked With Caution all right, so I may like this.  The excerpt made it seem like the writing was good, though sometimes excerpts do that and the rest of the writing is not as good.  We'll see.  I'm a little wary at this point, and I want at least one out of two of my shopping trip to be a winner.

The other book I want to read is Lessons in Temptation, by Charlie Cochrane.  I'm terribly behind in the "Lessons in..."/Cambridge Fellows Mysteries.  I don't want anything bad to happen to Jonty or Orlando, so it takes me time to work up the nerve to read another one.  I know all kinds of bad things have happened to Orlando by All Lessons Learned, and Jonty has disappeared altogether.  That's all in the blurb.  I guess I should expect then that they get through Lessons in Trust intact.

I got All or Nothing when it came out, and I was slow to start that because I was afraid of bad things happening to Nicky.  I talked to James via LJ and got a "Bwahahaha" when I said I didn't want him to torment the characters I liked.  I was much more sanguine about Brandon being tormented, because Brandon was such a jerk to Nicky.  I guess if the authors didn't torment the characters, there wouldn't be much plot.  I'm torn between wanting plot and not wanting the characters I care about to be hurt.  There's an axiom somewhere about how a writer should drive the characters up a tree and then throw rocks at them.  Several of the authors whose books I read do this a little too well for my comfort.

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