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various -- gardening and getting to the city

Yesterday: Planted 'Mr. Lincoln' rose in a pot.  Noticed that it has rust, badly.  Sprayed it with fungicidal oil.  I didn't notice any rust on it when I brought it home.

Today: Went to Giovanni's Room.  Took pictures of the display counter near the cashier's counter, where False Colors and Transgressions were on display.  Looked around in the men's fiction room.  Saw A Bit of Rough, Details of the Hunt and A Dangerous Thing.  I remember Without Reservations being on display in the science fiction/fantasy section for quite some time.  I saw Out There in the Night on at least one trip there, too.  And the mystery section is where I found Fatal Shadows and Partners in Crime 3Mahu is back in print -- that was there in mysteries with Mahu Fire and Mahu Surfer.  Stain of the Berry was there, too.

More later... 
Tags: gardening, m/m, reading

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