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So far Sunday

There hasn't been much of it for me, unless you count the early morning hours when I was reading.  I got several books from Rainbow eBooks.  I tried advanced search for romance from various publishers, and the pages were extremely slow to load.  I went through the Torquere books on there that way because I thought it would be more manageable than Torquere's actual site.  I got Off Trail, Perfectly Presented, Re-Ignition, Allspice, Arcanum: Vervain and Suffer the Little Children.

In non-Torquere books, I got the sequel to Conquest (which was a free book), Keys to Love.  I think there are several in the series.  I also got Beneath the Shield and Reverb.  I haven't read any of those yet.

Perfectly Presented was very much a book for chicks, with discussion of feelings, and meeting the family, and just generally didn't strike me as realistic.  I found myself skimming over the sex scenes.  Re-Ignition was good, about a former FBI agent injured in the line of duty, and how he gradually starts getting his life back together, with the help of a doctor.  Allspice was cute.  There were other things going on beside sex, though it was a Sean Michael story.  I liked the protagonists, especially Dan.  Arcanum: Vervain was a change of scene, a vampire story about brothers who are very...close, in a not-so-brotherly way.  Well, Torquere has stories like that.  I should have heeded the description better.

Off Trail was the one I started late, then stayed up way too late so I could finish it.  That's why I slept all day today.  It had surprisingly little sex for a Torquere book, but plenty about the people.  Keith had had a very bad year, and was struggling with getting a destroyed home back in order, a dog about to have puppies, and a half-paralyzed dog that was nearly as big as he was.  Spencer was an artist who also worked as the local handyman, and helped Keith with mobility devices for the dog.  I think it's one Kris needs to read if she hasn't already.  Also, she'll probably cry.

Today, I've set myself to work through more of the editing on TC's book.  It's not going fast.  I might send him the first ten chapters or so that I've gotten done so he can see that.  I don't know if someone would rather see part of the editing, or wait a while longer for the whole thing.

A few hours later: I finished the first run-through on TC's book and sent it back, and am incredibly relieved to have gotten through it.  I thought it was a good book.  It wasn't a romance -- more gay erotica with the occasional romantic streak -- but it was well-written.  It was just that it was a long book, and I need some quiet days to get it together long enough to concentrate on a novel.  I just kept working on it and did it.

Now I just have my usual novella to go through for the second time, and that's due Thursday.  Also, it's fairly short for a novella.  I have a ton of reading I can do, too.

Though I didn't win a Kobo in the Kobo contest, hope springs eternal.  Not only is Rainbow eBooks having a 20% off sale for July, they're offering prizes of four e-readers.  It's a choice of a Kobo, Nook, Kindle or Sony pocket reader.  Should I win, I'm pretty sure I'd get the Sony.  Though it's the only one that doesn't have wireless, it got very good ratings for what it is, and you can just get epubs and not worry about DRM.

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