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A. from Green Bay and I are discussing assorted things.  He said I seemed hot to get another e-reader.  It's more that I want to see what the other ones are like.  I'm curious as to why some get such high ratings.  A large part of it seems to be that the reviewers ignore whether you can only get books with DRM on them or not.

He's planning to go to Green Bay's Pride celebration.  He was surprised to find there was one.  As I said to him, he likes to get into random and involved conversations with people anyway, and this would be a great chance to do that.  Here's betting A. comes back with several women friends to call and get together with.  LOL.

There was a thunderstorm here, with very close lightning strikes, so I turned off the desktop computer.  I'm now on Dad's netbook.  It's awkward to use because the weight of the battery overbalances it, and it tips on its back.  Also, it tends to randomly skip from one paragraph to another.  I think that's something with not locking the typing in place, though.

Mom wants me to (A) look at apartments and (B) apply for jobs as a companion.  I think she missed the part about me wanting a live-in companion position.  I just moved a week ago, and finished up editing a novella and a couple of articles yesterday.  It's not like I'm not working.  I want a little time to adjust to one move before I do another. 

Several hours later: We almost went out to look at apartments, and had gotten as far as getting into the car when it started raining again.  The office at those apartments closes at four, so we would have missed them anyway.  I expect we'll try again Monday.

I read Finding Forgiveness by Dana Marie Bell.  It's the first in a series, but there are lots of characters from related series.  I also read Icecapade, so I believe I'm caught up on everything Josh has written under the name Josh Lanyon.  There are only a couple of other authors I'm that caught up on.  Jordan, of course, is one.  I believe I've read all the books J.L. Langley has written as J.L.  In some cases I have all the books the author has written, but haven't read them all yet.  The authors are auto-buys for me, but I really have to be in the mood to get into reading.  In some cases, I've just been very slow about collecting the backlist.

I mentioned several authors on the m/m romance threads on AfterElton.  Marie Harte is one.  She's written a couple of m/m books, and a lot more that are menage with m/m interaction.  Not that the menage including "girly bits" is going to interest that crowd, but I liked them.  I've probably written about this before, but in Circe's Recruits and Dawn Endeavor, the protagonists turn into "Beasts" -- kind of Hulk-like -- and either want to fight or fuck.  The males have conveniently self-lubricating penises in that form.  As I said on AE, the books are not exactly high literature.  I thought they were fun, though.  Some Loose Id books are just down and dirty.

Back in what passes for real life, my ankle is killing me, but I think it's just the weather.  I've carried a few laundry baskets, but nothing terrifically heavy.  In the humidity, the plate and screws expand and contract. 

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