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Thursday so far

I didn't sleep last night, but I read A Weapon of Opportunity by Kiernan Kelly.  It was a paranormal with ghosts.  I thought it was pretty good.  I'd read other stories of Kiernan's from Torquere.  This one was from Loose Id.  It's definitely a recommended one if you like stories with ghosts.  It was quite well-written.

I slept far into the day, then worked on proofing articles for Michael (AE).  I read The Perfect Creation, which I'd had for a while.  It was from ARe's Earth Day promotional, free books in April up to the 21st.  This was by Marie Harte.  I've read her Circe's Recruits series, and a couple from her Dawn Endeavors series.  Those were from Loose Id.  This one was from Total e-Bound.  I enjoyed the book, which was a futuristic sci-fi one.  There were other books set in the same universe which had originally been published by another publisher.  Given that the m/m book by Carol Lynne from Total e-Bound offered free in December and April had large parts of background for the series in books originally published by Ellora's Cave, that's my guess for Marie's books, too.  At least Marie's are now available at Total e-Bound, so they seem to be all in one place.

(Later: I read Creation's Control, which was a m/m one and good, but in a "not a lot of non-romance plot" sort of way.  (*semi-spoilery*)  Sex cures what ails you in this book, as one of the protagonists has healing powers in his bodily fluids.  This was Marie Harte's first m/m romance.  It's hot and somewhat dirty, and I like the way that love tames a raging man.  I wouldn't want a savagely angry man in real life, but to see that love soothes his rages and makes him willingly obey his partner is one of those plots that works for me.  It's a very old plot, that an arrogant, aggressive warrior man will bend to the will of a lover.  In this case it was double the aggressive warrior types learning to soothe each other.

The next one after that was Creating Chemistry, with a very submissive woman and two brothers, one of whom liked it rough.  I liked that Arin gradually developed a spine and a personality, which made her much more appealing to me.  She was quite all right with whatever the brothers did to her.  I was unhappy when the brother who liked the rough stuff said, "No safe words."  Arin was still fine with the whole scene.  Even the brother who wasn't particularly into that to start with began thinking that the BDSM was cool.

Caging the Beast is the fourth, which I'll probably read tomorrow.  It's another m/m, with gladiators.  I expect lots of testosterone, or whatever the space alien equivalent is.  The characters can release clouds of pheremones, so I suppose there will be that as well.) 

The purpose of offering the first book in a series is for readers to get the rest.  It didn't work exactly as ARe might have liked, because I got more books from the series, but I got them from Total e-Bound, which lets you download in multiple formats and possibly lets you download more than once.  ARe lets you download once, in one format.  Still, some publishers have releases only through ARe and Amazon.  ARe doesn't do the same amount of discount that Fictionwise does, which probably works better for authors and publishers.

Aside from that, it's been a pretty quiet day.  We had a thunderstorm, so I turned off the computers for a while, and we got candles and lit one.  It passed over a while ago.  We've desperately needed the rain.  It looks like we'll have more thunderstorms this week.  I talked with Mom about going out tonight, as she had something she wanted to get from Staples, and I still wanted to go to Wal-Mart.  She wouldn't sit still for me looking at a Kindle, though, so I'd be better off doing that without Mom.  I didn't feel dreadfully ambitious after dinner, though.

I have a novella to read through again, then put back up on the server.  I've worked on it a good bit these past couple of days, so it shouldn't need much more.  (Added: I finished that one.)  I really need to get back to editing TC's novel.  It's not at all a romance, though it has m/m themes.

I'll post if anything exciting happens in the next few hours, but I expect I'll just be reading and editing.

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