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more thoughts, again

So I'm contemplating why some e-book authors who are extremely popular under one name use other names.  The author known as Willa Okati has more than one pen name.  I can understand using a different one when she writes m/m/f menage, since she's so well-known for m/m.  I didn't know J.L. Langley had written as Jeigh Lynn until she said it herself on a blog interview.  The Jeigh Lynn books are m/f, then a m/m/f menage.  That Moon series is set in the same world as the "With or Without" series.  I just happen to know of some multiple pen names for some authors.

It's not a secret that Sean Michael is writing m/f and m/m/f as S. Michael.  I can see this one, too.  There are others, though, who are writing the same kind of romance under a couple of names, and that I don't really get.

Maybe more later...

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