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more thoughts on reading and writing

Jules Jones had an entry on fan fiction -- not her first, by far.  She's written fan fiction and professionally published fiction (fanfic and profic, she calls them).  I read original m/m romances long before I read any fan fiction.  There are a few fan fiction pieces I really like, that are excellent renditions of the characters and are written by very skilled writers.  I admit to reading profic more readily than I admit to reading fanfic, though.

She knows a lot of writers by the names they use writing fan fiction and the names they use writing original fiction.  This is the point where I am in complete confusion, as I am not familiar with the writers in most fandoms.  I just look for the pairings I like, and see how well they're written.

It's interesting hearing from someone who looks at fan fiction and original fiction as being of equal value, or so I take it.  That doesn't seem to be all that common.  Her journal is one I read pretty regularly.  You never know what observations you'll get.

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