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Well, I've just heard from someone who was crushed to find out that Josh's name is a pseudonym.  I said that it wasn't a secret that it was a pen name.  I could understand why he felt that way, though, when he'd thought that Josh was his real name.  There's a decades-long tradition of straight romance authors using pen names, so it's not new.  I know of several men who have felt absolutely betrayed to learn that the m/m romance authors they were fans of were really women.

I know some real names, or at least real first names, but I don't use them in public.  I just use the pen names.  Even with my family, I just say Jordan, and they know who that is.  Not that I haven't said her real first name occasionally to my immediate family, but I don't think they even remember it because I use "Jordan" at least 95% of the time.

I think it's kind of cool to know the names I do, and to know alternate pen names for the same writer in a few cases, because there are a lot of them out there, too.  I'm curious about others, but just in a wanting to feel like I know a bit more about the person way.  It doesn't particularly matter in the long run, though, I figure.  TeddyPig has had several posts on judging the writing, not the writer.  In a few cases, I've seen a writer being a complete troll on the Internet, and won't get their books.  It's only a few I'm aware of, though.  I'm sure there are many more.  One troll revealed TeddyPig's name somewhere, and TeddyPig said it wasn't that much of a secret.  I think he said what it was on his blog, so it's definitely no secret anymore.  So much for leverage on a troll's part.

Personally, I feel flattered when people trust me with their names, because they figure I won't use them.  I use initials for real life people on here, or the pen names of online people.  Some of the real life people probably wouldn't care, but I care.
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