neyronrose (neyronrose) wrote,

Fourth of July

It was pretty low-key.  We went to the pool, and I did some e-book shopping at a few publishers.  I got Static by L.A. Witt, and read that.  As it says in the blurb, one of the protagonists can switch from female to male and back again.  It was a really fascinating examination of what it would be like for people who could switch genders at will.  There were some echoes of what I've heard transgendered people feel like, but it was its own thing.  It looked at prejudice, but I didn't think the book hit you over the head with it.  Some twists and turns of the book I expected, and some I didn't.  Then again, the protagonists were surprised about some of the things that happened, too.

The pool was nice.  A.B. was there with her daughter E., and all the dogs were there.  Paddington the miniature poodle/bichon frise mix was there, and Julie the Yorkshire terrier or Yorkie mix.  Jasmine and Hilly live there.  Paddington and Julie are A.B.'s dogs.  Paddington was pretty subdued for him, but A. said that that was because she'd had him swim several lengths of the pool, and he was exhausted.  Otherwise he runs and barks and tries to pull people out of the pool, which I think is kind of cute.  Last summer, when he saw Mom floating, he swam up to her and nudged her on the shoulder with his nose.  It startled her.  I'm sure he'll do it again when we're there at the same time he is and he's not so tired. 

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