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Sunday so far

I think I went to sleep around two-something, possibly three, which is not bad for me.  My dreams were weird.  At some point I was dreaming that I was underwater with a soft but heavy weight pressed against my face so I couldn't get up.  I couldn't breathe, and couldn't breathe, and then I finally sort of woke up with a gasp.  Since Mom and Dad and my brother J. all have sleep apnea, and I'm quite heavy for someone of my height, I'm sure I have it, too.  I have so much trouble sleeping now, I don't know how I'd sleep with a mask on my face from a continuous positive air pressure machine.  I drifted off again after my drowning dream, and didn't have any more dreams of not being able to breathe.  Not that I remember, anyway.

I woke for real a little before noon.  Mom and Dad returned from church, then shopping, when I'd finished my morning routine.  Dad put a bag of groceries at my place at the table just as I was sitting down to eat breakfast.  I said that that was counterproductive.  He said that I could put the groceries away before I ate.  I put some groceries away, but told him that I wasn't doing it because he had told me to.  I finally got my brunch when they had lunch.

I still felt sleepy, so I made myself coffee.  I had bought the small coffeemaker, so I took it with me.  R. still has a big coffeemaker.  The coffee woke me up, but made me feel jittery.  It hasn't been a bad day for me, but I wish I had my own place.  I started a load of laundry, so at least that was one productive thing I did.

Uly and I are corresponding about writing and publishers.  He wrote a vampire book published by Alyson in the late 1990s, and is wondering if he could get a version of it out on Kindle.  I had ideas about how he could get it republished.  I took a look at a short story of his that was literary and had a romantic style, but wasn't exactly gay lit and was probably a bit too literary to really be erotica.  I recommended Lethe Press or Suspect Thoughts.

He's reading Man, Oh Man, so he's learning about the production of m/m romances, and I'm telling him something about the "rules."  My rules are kind of along the lines of TeddyPig and Lisabea's ideas of romance.  You can do a lot of different things within genre.  I'm not too sure if you can see who the publisher is with a Kindle book -- apparently it just starts at the beginning of the first chapter? -- but I said that a lot of the books he'd said he liked were published by Samhain or MLR.

We're supposed to go to a fireworks display soon.  I searched and searched through the bags on the floor of my room looking for my glowstick collection.  I finally found them under a tray table in the family room.  At least I found them.

Later: The fireworks display was at a fairly local park.  Mom had brought a book, but I'd forgotten to bring one.  We got there half an hour before the pre-fireworks concert started.  I texted my brother and my secret love child, and checked my e-mail.  I put glowstick bracelets on and one of the ones on a lanyard around my neck.  I figured that if I got lost, I'd be easy to spot.  The bracelets were supposed to be white, but in practice they were pink.  The one I was wearing as a pendant was in fact blue.  I had a fairy wand (green), and I lit that, too.  I put that one on my chair, so that would be easy to spot.

The first part of the concert was a barbershop group.  I am really not into barbershop music, and they were doing little "comedy" bits between songs.  When I was done texting, I got my iPod and played Rammstein.  When the Rammstein songs I had on there were over, I switched to Queen.  The second part of the concert was a concert band.  I didn't hear much of it.  Both groups played the national anthem.  I thought having it twice was excessive.

Mom poked me at some point when one of the groups played a song from Les Miserables.  I hate to admit to liking any show tunes whatsoever, but I like some of the songs from Les Miserables, most of the ones from the heroes and/or good characters.

I listened to the military medley, or whatever it was called, in which veterans and active duty military personnel were supposed to stand when they played the song of that branch of the military.  Dad stood for the Army song, of course.  He was drafted and served in Viet Nam.  He belongs to at least five or six veterans' groups.  He knew all of the other songs and what branch they were, for Navy, Coast Guard, Marines and so on.  At the end of it, they asked all of the veterans to stand, and we applauded.

I suppose it was somewhat unpatriotic of me to not listen to the actual concert, but I like to control what music I listen to.  I don't like marches, and I'm not particularly a fan of songs that are designed or chosen so they won't possibly offend anybody.  Personally, I like hard rock, heavy metal, industrial and some punk.  This tends to offend older generations, and fans of disco, pop, and dance music.

The fireworks were good.  The concert band played along for some parts of the display, but I just concentrated on the fireworks.

It took a long time to get out of the parking lots near the park.  I'm glad I got out, and glad I saw a fireworks display, but I am happy to be home.  I think for the holiday I'll re-read "Feisty Little Firecracker," a short story featuring the characters from Hell.  Out of that whole series, I liked Hell the best by far.

I liked Indigo Knights: Squire, too.  I'll have to look and see when the next Indigo Knights book is supposed to come out.  I hope the protagonists are gay or bisexual to start with, or at least as really, really bi-curious as Rabin Squire was.  I didn't classify that one as a "Gay for You" because of Rabin's very high level of curiousity.

I have mixed reactions to yaoi-inspired romance.  It depends what parts of the romance are influenced by the yaoi tropes.  I realized long after I read them that some of J.L. Langley's books have yaoi influences -- seme/uke -- but I loved them from the moment I read them.

So I got out of the house, did something that was partly fun, and did some reading, too.  I've got to get back to my volunteer work and visiting with my secret love child to have days that are more likely to be really good. 

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