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Well, I considered it, and really nothing I had there at the apartment had much monetary value.  Possibly the computer, and my e-reader, though I've dropped the e-reader a few times now.  I was transporting a couple of nice pairs of amber earrings back and forth from apartment to house in my "dop kit."  The computer chair is also nice.  It was about half the price of the e-reader, so it's not like it's classic furniture.  I had a very battered two-drawer filing cabinet serving as half of the legs of a desk, the desk being a battered slab of wood with two wobbly legs on the non-file-cabinet side.  I had some plastic stackable drawers holding my clothes, and a couple of small and nearly falling apart bookcases.  Most books immediately depreciate drastically after purchase, so they are pretty much of sentimental value.  None of my clothes are worth much.

It was a pickup truck worth of stuff of low value to anyone but me.  It doesn't make me sad, because those things are what I use day to day.  Perhaps it's good that I can be happy with a beat-up desk, a comfortable chair, a bed and something to put my clothes in.  I'm content with having enough to get books and do a little traveling.  I would have managed living in the apartment if I'd had a better roommate.  I'll just have to go with what I can do for now, and save up enough to get an apartment of my own or rent a room somewhere.

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