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Wednesday so far and flashbacks

Today we were off to the pool, as it was a very nice day here.  It was the one I broke my ankle trying to get to, so I was very cautious walking through the yard.  I recognized Jasmine, the basset-Jack Russell terrier(?) mix as she came out to say hi.  There's a new dog, a Scottish deerhound called Hilly.  I thought Hilly was much older because of the gray fur, but she's only six months old, and already probably 30" high at the shoulders.

I had flashbacks to dipping my feet in the pool and seeing my ankle dislocate, since the broken bone wasn't holding it in place, but I didn't say anything while we were there.  Today I got into the pool up to my thighs the first time, then went to a lounge chair and read some.  Once I'd warmed up, I went in until just my head was above water, and walked around and paddled a bit.  Mom and our host, A.B., went swimming several times, but I did more reading than anything.

A.B. had a friend there, L., and was also concentrating on saving pages she wanted out of magazines, then recycling the magazines.  L. went on a food run, I think to a Wawa (tri-state area convenience store) and got hoagies (also known as subs).  That got Jasmine's attention riveted on A.B. and L.

Hilly came around to say hi when I was on the lounge chair.  I petted her, and then she took off with one of my flip-flops.  Deerhounds move fast.  A.B. went after her and got my flip-flop back.  It was still usable, though I rinsed the dog saliva off in the pool.

People from the management office at the apartments called.  They said to get my name off the lease was a $25 administration fee and R. and me signing papers.  Well, I suppose it would be R.M. and me, as he just recently got power of attorney over R.  Anyway, it didn't sound like it would be any three months sort of thing.  I wonder what the deal was with C. saying it was three months notice.  I called her, too, and left a message about it.

I re-read B.A. Tortuga's "Menagerie," which was a cute story.  I had started reading Lee Rowan's Walking Wounded, but I think I'd gotten it in PDF, so the print was small.  Not too small to read, but not easy to read in the bright sun.  The e-reader wasn't too bad for reading in the sun, though, as long as the font was a good size.

Later: Dad and I went to get gas for my car and to drop off the transport chair to S.M.'s.  She and I had totally forgotten about it yesterday.  Well, with all the computer and garden club stuff, and it being in my trunk, where I never remember things being in, I wasn't too surprised at myself, just annoyed.  Anyway, it's back to her now, and my trunk is clear.

I finished reading Walking Wounded.  Lee said at some point that the protagonists were reincarnated versions of Will and Davy of the Royal Navy series.  Not a repeat of the characters, but their souls in a world where they could have a happy ending.  I couldn't really tell who was who, though Johnny might have been the reincarnated Davy.  I'll have to ask Lee now that I've read it.

There's a couple of pages of a story that probably comes not long after the main part of the book, but before the epilogue.  That was in the I Do anthology.  I didn't see it until very late, because it wasn't supposed to get any proofreading, but stay exactly as it was.  I'll have to see if I can find it again somewhere in the computer.  For I Do Two (Too?), Kris Jacen had brought her own proofreader along, so I wasn't needed and saw nothing of that one.  Alex sent me a pair of earrings as a little thank you for my proofreading work on the first right after that was done.  Not expensive earrings or anything, heart-shaped blue glass, but I very much appreciated the gesture.  I've worn the earrings a number of times, too.

At some point, I'll buy the books.  I have the drafts for the stories in the first, of course, but I'm curious to read some of the stories in the second.  Erastes headed it up that time, I think.  Her protegee, who adopted the e-mail of chris_smith_author before she was published, has been published a few times now, I believe.  There was kind of a weird thing in the exchanges for the first where "Chris" wanted to do a bibliography of stories with gay characters, and what sorts of books the authors wrote, and I said it would be quite a job, and that there were a couple of bibliographies of YA books with gay characters already.  Chris used "writes about sparkly unicorns" in an example entry.  I think she ended up doing work on some websites(?), although she may well have done a bibliography at some point.  I could ask Erastes.  I still think it would be an enormous job.  I don't know.  It just all struck me as kind of strange.  Very ambitious, but it seemed a bit odd to me.

Proofing that first anthology was a busy time, but it was pleasant working with Alex, and once Kris Jacen came on board as an editor, we seemed to work well enough together.  Marquesate did another proofreading of all the stories, including the ones I hadn't gotten to proofread yet.  In the long run, I was glad that someone else was doing proofreading, too.

Anyway, I know there were a number of stories in the second by authors I like.  Once I'm done reading that one, and re-reading the stories in the first, I'd probably donate them to the GLBT organization office at [local university], or at least have S. read the m/m stories.

Reading Walking Wounded reminded me of all of that.  I probably will write Lee when I've finished Home is the Sailor, the fourth in the Royal Navy series.  I write Alex when I see her books and/or her friends' books on the shelves at Giovanni's Room.  I posted about how I had S. take pictures of them.

I have a lot of current editing to do, especially if I'm moving again very soon.  Hopefully things will settle down in a couple of weeks.  

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