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I made it to an appointment, then over to S.M.'s house.  She was writing an e-mail when I got there, so I said I could read while she worked on it.  She read the e-mail aloud to me a couple of times, and as she was typing more, then sent it.  We worked on saving attachments for her, but there was some kind of Windows error, and we couldn't open documents except with WordPad.  Then all the formatting becomes gibberish, so there was a lot to delete.  She got Word 2010, and I'd be jealous, but she can't open that, either.  It's all very frustrating.

S.M. got a lot of phone calls when we were working.  One was from D.S., so I talked to her for a while.  I explained about Trekboy's video and transcript of it, and that I'd like someone to check my translation.  She said she didn't know anything about Star Trek.  I said I knew well enough who the characters were, and there was a lot of other German in it.  D. said she'd check over the translation.  I said that Trekboy probably had a strong country accent, living out in the country in Austria.  She agreed that he probably did.

S. went up to make salad and heat up soup for our dinner.  The kitchen is up a few steps from the room -- well, hallway -- where she keeps the computer.  She didn't want help, so I said I could read.  S. kept talking down the stairs to me, so I quickly gave up and went up to the kitchen to talk with her.  She barely pauses to take a breath between paragraphs of speech.  I don't know what it is about her not giving the other person a chance to speak, but I generally have to work to find places in the chatter to interrupt her so I can actually get answers in.

I had brought the CD that had the last draft from last year's garden club handbook, but we couldn't open that on her computer either.  I'd brought my handbook, so I just wrote in some of the changes.  S. says that P.M. will be figuring out all that needs to be changed, and then she'll pass the information on to S., who will tell me.  Or perhaps S. and I will get together with P.M. to work on things.

S. was talking about going to concerts at the Kimmel Center in Philadelphia.  I slipped and told her I wasn't much for classical music.  "I didn't know that," she said.

"I like rock and roll," I said.

"Oh, yes, Elvis was cute," she said.  She's seventy, so I guess that would have been her time.

"I should do more culture things," I said.  "But mostly I read."

During dinner, she asked if I went to movies.  I said I didn't usually, and she said she didn't much either.  That's something that it's not that fun to do by yourself.  I'd watch the superhero movies, but I don't have anyone to go with.  "I'm not really into the very violent movies," I said.  Or into gross "humor" movies, for that matter, though I didn't think to say that at the time.  There's the occasional TV show I'm into, but it's rare.

When I got home, I finished reading Maxxed Out, then read Inside Daniel.  Treva Harte is now writing some m/m when she isn't doing publishing and Editor-in-Chief work.  She had written a lot of straight romance, then some werewolf menage that TeddyPig strongly recommended.  I've read the werewolf books.

I've found that a good number of Changeling authors go to Loose Id when they want to write novels, since Changeling very rarely does up to 90 pages.  Most of the novellas I've gotten to proof or line edit are between 40 and 70 pages.  Lena Austin has written novels published elsewhere, as has Jade Buchanan, and of course Willa Okati.  I guess they've got various arrangements.  M. seems to be on very good terms with Treva.

So I saw S.M., and talked to D.S.  I left a message for S.(W.) to see if he wanted to do anything tomorrow, but my guess is that he'll be in Philadelphia or otherwise busy.  I may try and plant some plants.  I've been feeling kind of crappy, though nothing major.  I'll see if I have more energy tomorrow.  I told S.M. that she should come over to the house next time, and I'd show her how to use Word and save attachments.

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