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out in the suburbs Monday

I just could not get up for the garden club meeting.  Mom tried to wake me at 9:00, but I fell right back into a heavy sleep.  I called S.M. later, though, and she said that J.D. had stepped up as president.  I was glad someone had.  S.M. said that she'd told people that I'd still do the yearbook, which I will.  I have the disc for it and I saved the drafts for it onto my computer, if I can find them.  As long as I can do it in the afternoon, that's fine.

S.M. and I arranged to get together Tuesday after an appointment I have in the afternoon, for computer lessons and dinner.  It sounded good to me.  I just don't want to be out around her area at rush hour, because it gets totally crazy.  As long as I'm there before rush hour, and leave afterwards, I should be good.

I read a good bit today so far.  I read two of J.M. Snyder's books I'd had around for a while, Carey'd Away and Beautiful LiarBeautiful Liar was okay.  The main character was very self-absorbed, and his boyfriend did him some wrong.  It ended up in sort of a "we'll see where this goes" ending.  I don't know if there's a sequel, although she's written a book about other characters called Beautiful Disaster.

Carey'd Away was short, cute and hot.  It didn't have a whole lot of plot, but I didn't mind.  I appreciated the in-jokes about The Powers of Love (Vic and Matt) books.  I've read just about all of those, that I know of.  Occasionally there's a new short story.

Something A. from Green Bay said reminded me of Str8te Boys, by Evangeline Anderson, recommended by none other than TeddyPig.  I said that was a hot and dirty story.  TeddyPig said that her novellas and shorter were usually all right.

On a more literary note, I read An Improper Holiday, which I think was paired with a Josh Lanyon novella for the paperback.  I like K.A. Mitchell's books.  This one was a historical.  Ian was very stubborn, but who could resist Nicky?  Also, I love those veterans returning home stories, and Regency-era books.  It was pretty much a win-win for me.  I could wish Ian had been somewhat less stubborn and rigid-minded, but I suppose the story would have been a lot shorter if he wasn't.

I still have hundreds of books in my to-be-read files.  I'm much better able to concentrate to read than I was even in April.  I kept buying books, but couldn't settle down to read them.  I very much appreciate being able to do that now.  I have enough books to read for months.

I got out to the garden, and picked a 'Dove' rose.  I really need to get a picture of it, as a photo of the rose is what my tattoo is based on.  It was the first time I'd seen or smelled the rose in real life, and that was pretty cool.

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