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Saturday so far

It's been relatively all right.  I did my "morning" routine before M. and R. came back from their shopping trip.  M. worked on getting R. to do laundry.  She said she was jumpy, then she needed to lie down, and used all kinds of other stalling tactics.  I told M. that it was "passive-aggressive resistance."  I also bet him $5 that she wouldn't do anything.  He ended up getting her to start a couple of loads of laundry.  I was stunned that he managed it.

M. said a few times that R. could go with me to do laundry next time and after that, that we'd do it together, and I corrected him, saying that that would not be the case.  I said that I'd pretty much given up on getting her to do anything.  I believe she actually took a bath this morning, which also very much surprised me.  She'd been averaging a bath a month before, and she's taken several baths in June now.

I did a little e-book shopping.  I'd bought Treva Harte's Maxxed Out when it came out.  Apparently the series is "Inside Out," as the sequel is called Inside Daniel.  I enjoy Treva's writing.  These particular books have beautiful P.L. Nunn covers.  I got them in epub format, so I can't fully appreciate the covers unless I'm looking at them in Reader Library.  I figured it would be much easier to read the books on the e-reader if they were in epub format, though.  You can download again from Loose Id after you've bought the book, but it's in the same format you got the book in.  You can't change formats after purchase.

Later: TC sent me his book.  It seems to be more erotica than romance, but it has a lot of plot, too, from what I've read so far.

I'd made myself hazelnut coffee, which made me very jittery.  It was hard to settle down and do anything, but I finally got myself settled enough to read Cherry on Top, an anthology.  I'd gotten it for the story "The Ivory Dungeon," which is a Dr. Fell prequel, and was awesome in its way.  I read all the other stories today.  Most seemed like stand-alones, but "Cooking Lesson" was a story with characters from a series.  Sean Michael's story was set in the Hammer universe, but I didn't feel like I needed to have read the others for it to make sense.

Later still: I read Cameron Dane's A Fostered Love.  The writing was generally good quality, and I was interested in what would happen to the protagonists.  The author used the words "chute" and "channel" a lot, and there were a couple of ouchy moments.  There were a few dangling participles, but only a few.  Two of the characters, Abby and Rodrigo, seemed to exist only to cock-block Jonah and Christian.  Jonah and Christian eventually got some alone time, but Abby was everywhere for the first section of the book, as soon as the protagonists started to talk or make out, and Rodrigo kept ringing the doorbell at inopportune moments.

Abby and Rodrigo, and another character, Braden, get their own book, so the characters clearly weren't meant to only exist to be cock-blockers.  I wondered on AfterElton if readers of a m/m romance would follow the series if another book was a m/m/f romance.  I don't know if I'll get that one, because it's a Gay for You on Rodrigo's part.

I mentioned Jade Buchanan's Pridelands and Felidae series (which I also called the "cat-people from outer space" series) as ones with all sorts of romantic combinations.  I liked some of the cat-people, and thought the thoughts and actions of some were endearing.  I just rolled with the whole cat-people from outer space thing.

I talked about Marie Harte's Dawn Endeavor series, too.  I've read a couple of the books, plus all of the earlier Circe's Recruits series.  Those characters also did it in all sorts of combinations.  I know readers who only read the m/m one, Dawn Endeavor 2, out of all of them.  I thought they were missing a lot by not reading the others.  I could understand it if m/m/f menage isn't your thing, because there were some of those in there.  I liked the protagonists in the original team of Circe's Recruits.  What non-erotic plot there was in those books was mostly derailed by the sex scenes, but I thought the books were fun.  I'm sure I posted about the Circe's Recruits books at the time I read them.

Added: Actually, I can talk about it more here.  Those Circs did everything, including (*spoiler*) a little males-on-female dogpile of an orgy in the first book.  After that, I expected just about everything.  Well, everything allowed by Loose Id, and Loose Id allows a lot.  I particularly liked the (*spoiler*) self-lubricating penises when the males were in their Beast forms.  It's not like they would have taken the time to search out lube in those forms and with those mating urges.  Like I said, the books were just fun.  Another series with wackiness I just rolled with. 

I went somewhat off the topic of the forum by talking about slash fiction and bishonen.  I said that Bishonen Works had some non work-safe images -- to say the least.  I'd started off on a yaoi-inspired romance thread, so the progression was natural enough.

I got in a relative lot of reading today, considering.

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