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and also a little momentous to me

Once the load of whether to renew the lease was off my mind, I did a line edit of an erotica novel.  I'd read two drafts previous to this, and this version before.  I just hadn't been able to have enough quiet time and ability to really concentrate that long.  R.A. stayed down in J.'s apartment to watch the Phillies game.  M. called me a few times, but I told him I was busy editing.  R.A. came back when I was on the last part of the book.  I asked her to keep the noise down because I was working.  She had various phone conversations with M. that got loud, then had a whimpering and weeping fit in the living room.  J. was still there, so he talked to her.  I just have no sympathy for her crocodile tears.  It's not like she doesn't fight with M. every day, sometimes several times a day.

M. had told me to get R. to do her laundry, as her hamper is still full.  It's not overflowing, but it will be again pretty soon.  I said to M. that I'd given up on trying to get R. to do anything.  I believe that's part of what made M. mad at R.  Not that he needs any particular reason.  He knows that she doesn't want to do anything, including bathing.  M. just still thinks she can improve.  It's not that she can't do things, it's just that she chooses not to.  After all, her mother did everything for her.

I'm really happy to have finally gotten that line edit done.  I have my Changeling work, and I may pick up doing another novel this month for another self-publishing author.  Let's call him TC.  I'll do my first read-through of this week's Changeling novella tonight or tomorrow.  I'll see what's up with TC's novel, too.  I believe it's a romance.  As long as it's not horror.  It's a good feeling to finally be caught up on work.

Later: I did my first read-through of the novella.  It's cute, it's a m/m romance, but I put in a lot of corrections.  I'm wondering if I got the version that hadn't been proofread.

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