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Thursday so far

And I am feeling less than ambitious.  I stayed up reading more of the Roughstock stories.  I'd only read the ones connected to Blind Ride and With a Smile.  I just read the ones with the Brazilian cowboys all out of order, but liked Joaquim and Raul.  Balta was very self-important, but loved Joa.  File Gumbo is Sam and Beau's story, which I'd missed the first time around.  I know bad things happen to Sam.  In fact (*spoilers*) I think both of them get dropped on their heads a lot.  Well, they are bullriders.  There's a lot in the various books about characters having fused spines, and even the bones in their necks being fused from when they broke them, not to mention broken fingers, hands, ribs, legs, everything.

Later: I think I read just about all of them out of order.  I should have read File Gumbo before reading Coke's Clown.  Well, it just means I can read them again.  I started skimming over the sex scenes after a while, which made for much faster reading.  I just told Kris I didn't do that, but when I read a bunch of books by one author one after the other, and they have lots of sex scenes, I do get more interested in what's going on with other plot.  Go figure.

I got the Torquere Press version of Adobe for Sony, which has rather a smaller font than the Samhain Adobe for Sony.  Now I know.  I should have just gone with the e-pub.  It was still readable enough, though.  With the more recent books, they give all the formats to you in a zip file, and they have something of a "My Bookshelf" now.

Earlier: S. never did get back to me, and S.M. is busy fixing food today for someone she's having over tomorrow.  It's hot and humid out.  All I feel like doing is reading.  A. from Green Bay said he'd give me a call, which is fun.  Thursdays seem to be the best day for him to call, but it's also the day I'm finishing up my Changeling editing for the week.  I'll have to work on that earlier in the day.

Later: I ended up quite bored with myself generally, but I read all the related series books connected with the one I'm editing now, so that was good.

Later still: I finished the editing job, so I'm happy about that.

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