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I didn't sleep all night, which may have partly been due to the Kahlua and cream I had around ten or eleven.  I took some Advil and so on in the morning, and probably fell asleep around eight a.m.  I made it to a two-o'-clock appointment, though.  I stopped at a Wendy's on the way back, and got a burger and salad.  After I had my late lunch, I went to take a nap.  Mom knocked on the door, and saw I was trying to sleep.  She disapproved.  I told her I needed the sleep.  I got up around six, and had some dinner, then went back to re-reading the Roughstock stories.  I'm finding myself skimming some of the sex scenes, but I still like the characters.  Most are very kind-hearted, and sweet to their lovers.  The cowboys make a sort of family, and that's nice, too.

Not too much else going on with me.  Dad picked the 'Tropicana' rose that was blooming.  The rose was too heavy for the little one-year-old plant it was on, so it was dragging on the ground.  I rinsed the mud off the edges of the petals, and we put it in a vase.  It still smells good, and I think it has a pretty color.  Vivid, but pretty.  I think it won a medal for fragrance, so that's definitely a part of the appeal.

The garden club is in turmoil, so I hear.  A couple of the ladies who introduced me to the club have resigned.  N.F. was always very kind to me, so I think it's really a shame.  G.C. resigned as the president.  S.M. had e-mailed me about a meeting to pick a new president.  I caught up on the news with her.  Apparently N.F. and M.P. resigning had more to do with their clashes with J.M., who didn't let anyone help her with her program at a local spring event, and has been very overpowering about other issues.  We'll see what happens with everything, but there's an emergency meeting Monday morning at ten.  S. said it would be great if I could make it.  I told her about my sleep problems, but said that maybe I could come to the suburbs Sunday night and see if I could get to the meeting. 

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