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Sunday -- Father's Day

Mom and Dad went to church, of course.  I woke at noon.  After I'd showered and dressed, I went down to say Happy Father's Day to Dad and give him his card.  J. and K. got here from Baltimore not too long after that, and Mom marshalled the troops to get lunch ready.  J. and Dad grilled hot dogs and hamburgers.  Dad wanted to go to the Helicopter Museum, so we did that.  Dad had gone ahead in his car, and given J. directions.  I had no idea how to get there, though it's within day trip distance.

J. and K. and I stopped at the church to see what books and other things they had left.  I didn't get any more books, but the vase with an iris design on it that I'd seen yesterday was still there, so I left money.  Today it was on the honor system.  No one was there by that point, but I knew where the key to the church was hidden.  A lot of the members of the congregation do.  Mom was on the vestry for a while, and volunteers as the librarian there, so she showed me where the key was at some point.  We've used it a good bit for book club and when Mom wants to put in hours at the library.

Dad called to see where we were, as the "Father Fest" at the helicopter museum was closing at three.  We got there just before three.  We'd seen all the classic cars on the road leaving to the museum.  The museum itself was open until four.  J. and K. decided to leave and go back to the house, as it was hot out.  I stayed to tour the museum with Dad.  The hangar was air-conditioned, so it wasn't too bad.  It was rather exciting on the way home, as Dad's gas tank indicator was on empty, and he wanted to get to a certain gas station a couple of towns over.  We got there without having to push the car, for which I was quite thankful.

J. and K. and Mom were sitting on the couch all in a row when Dad and I got back to the house.  J. and K. gave Dad their love, said goodbye, and then headed back to Baltimore.  I was bummed that J. and K. hadn't spent much time with Dad, but he said that they'd hit a lot of traffic on Sunday on Route 95 around Baltimore, so he didn't seem too upset.  I'll be heading back to Philadelphia sometime, probably around dinnertime.

Mom called her father to say Happy Father's Day.  Not much else exciting going on here.  I'm not feeling great, but nothing too specific to point to.

I have one more day of my KOBO shopping for that contest, then I'm done.  I skimmed through the pages of the book I got yesterday until I found the beginning of James' story, so it will open to that page when I'm ready to read it.  I'll post on what I get today, but I am again determined to get one I haven't read before.  We'll see how I do.

Later: I got Something About Trevor.  It's a Gay for You book that someone recommended on AfterElton's m/m romance or Gay Lit forums.  It kept going different directions than I thought it would go.  I reminded myself that it was published by JMS Books, and it didn't have to follow the format of a traditional romance.  J.M. Snyder's books aren't always traditional romances, and it looks like the other authors she publishes don't have to write traditional romances either.  Apparently I'm more willing to forgive a Gay for You plot if an author who says he's male writes the book.  If I hadn't seen the male pronouns in the "About the Author" bit, I would have thought that a woman wrote it.  It was pretty well-written.  I know nothing about cricket, but I bet that readers from the British Commonwealth would appreciate those parts of the book.
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