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Saturday so far

I didn't sleep at night, but fell asleep sometime in the morning and got up at noon.  Mom had already been to the church yard sale and to Wal-Mart, but she went back to the yard sale with me.  I looked at the book table, and saw romances that I hadn't told Mom to donate, and bought four category romances back.  Mom was chagrined.  The ladies working the book sale part laughed.  I got four little vases for 25 cents each, and a geranium on "clearance" for 25 cents.  So altogether I didn't spend much.  I really should have discussed more with Mom which books to donate and which I wanted to keep, because we didn't seem to communicate well on that.

I went out and deadheaded the Tea roses.  Hopefully they'll have more flowers soon.  I should have cut the blooms of 'Mme. Isaac Pereire', because they shattered in the rain.  The flowers had been on the rose for several days by then, so I think the petals were ready to fall anyway.  The bud on the little plant of 'Tropicana' is showing color, and the 'Dove' rose has a couple of buds, too.  I weeded the bindweed off them.  We really should have mulched around them.

I called E.M. from the secondhand bookstore and told her she could pick up some leftover books from the yard sale before the junkman came on Monday.  She said she'd try to make it.  E.M. was just heading to the bookstore to cover a Saturday afternoon shift, so I went to visit her for an hour or so, and caught her up on my roommate woes.  She caught me up on bookstore things.  There's a meeting Tuesday afternoon.  I don't know if I'll get to it or not.  I have an appointment out here in the suburbs on Wednesday afternoon.

I told E.M. I was looking for a companion position, and she said she'd seen advertisements for such in the local paper.  We got it years ago, and the Philadelphia Inquirer, too, but they'd just pile up by Dad's side of the bed.  Mom would take some from the bottom of the pile when she thought he wouldn't notice.  After all, we'd point out to him, if it's six months old, it isn't news anymore.  Well, not fresh news.  I told her to keep an eye out for positions like that in the area.

I helped customers look for some books.  I was never trained on the cash register, because I didn't want to do that, but I still have extensive book knowledge in certain areas.  It was a good visit, and I told her I'd let her know if I moved back from Philadelphia to this area, and come in to volunteer at the bookstore again on book donation days if I did.  We'll see what happens.  I managed not to buy any books at the bookstore, but I didn't really look at romance at all.  I just took a look in the back and saw that other volunteers had gotten the romance box section organized quite nicely.  They had taken up about twice the room for boxes that I'd had.  I took pleasure in seeing that.

Last night I read Xu, by A.J. Llewellyn.  I think that's one of the writers who turned out to be a woman.  The book had lyrical descriptions of the Hawaiian landscape and historical buildings, and I liked the viewpoint character quite a lot.  Then there were graphic sex scenes that weren't lyrical at all.  It would have been nice if they'd been written with some of the same grace as other parts of the writing, but they were just standard erotica level.  There were paranormal elements in it, and they were rather interesting, in my opinion.  So the book was kind of uneven, I thought, but I didn't regret getting it.

I re-read Public Lives, Private Pleasures.  I realized a few pages in that I'd read it before, but decided it was worth a second read.  I think I need to delete the books I've read off the e-reader, at least those that aren't books that I want with me everywhere I go.  Those are the books I know I've read, most of them a few times.

I've read a good number of novellas lately, and some category romance length e-books.  Samhain's Adobe for Sony format makes it twice or three times the number of pages it would be for a PDF, but it's just a few paragraphs a "page."  It's a very good size to read, though.  I barely notice the page turns with the touchscreen.

I'll post tomorrow or later on what I've read.  I asked AlbertaGirl, a.k.a. C., what she'd been reading lately.  She said she'd just re-read the Adrien English series and the Holmes and Moriarity series.  I suppose she was influenced by all the discussion of Josh's books over three AfterElton forum threads.  I recommended The Dark Farewell out of the books of Josh's I'd read in the last few months.  I've read several books of Josh's over the last few months.  Most were ones I'd gotten when they came out.

Just since April, though, I've really been capable of sitting and reading again.  I have my ideas on why that is.  There were months and months that I wasn't reading anything but the books I was editing or proofreading.  It would have been good if I had been able to sit and read in July, August and September last year.  I watched lots of soap opera clips on the laptop, but I couldn't concentrate enough to read.  I wasn't in that much pain as long as I didn't move, but my concentration was shot and I'd gotten quite depressed in August, with Mom and Dad being cranky and with me being immobilized.

I'll have to see what Ulysses thinks of Among the Living.  He's got it in the queue on his Kindle.  Octobercountry posted the list of the order of the PsyCop books and short stories on the Gay Lit thread when I gave him the link to it.  So the PsyCop books got some love on the m/m romance forum on AfterElton and are recently getting love on the semi-official Gay Lit forum.

I'll post on what I read tonight, or if I go shopping at the e-publishers or e-book retailers.  Now my quest in the KOBO store is to find an inexpensive book I haven't read yet, and one I can deal with having in e-pub on my reader, but with limited ability to download elsewhere -- until I figure it out.

Later: I read Natural Law, which TeddyPig had highly recommended as a book with a really good depiction of BDSM relationships.  I went right from that into reading Mistress of Redemption, which is a paranormal with one of the same characters as in the contemporaries in this series of Joey Hill's.  Perhaps I should have taken the time to just absorb the experience of reading Natural Law.  TeddyPig's given his opinion of a few in the series.  I'll ask him which other ones to get.

Close to midnight: I did my KOBO shopping and got The Edge of Desperation.  The first in the series was free from MLR, so I got it.  The first Dark Robes story was science fiction scene, sex scene, science fiction scene, sex scene, and on and on.  I haven't read the other story in that book yet.  I got the second in the series to read James' story.  I'll post about that sooner or later.

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