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Friday so far

Mom and I ran a lot of errands.  I went to the library to try to get Midcoast Murders through interlibrary loan, but had the title wrong.  Eventually we looked up the book in the recommendations on the Gay Lit forum on AfterElton.  "It has a green cover," I said, and we found it.  Some of the commenters on there put up pictures of the covers of the books they read.  I might do that if I knew how.

We got stamps at the post office, and stopped a few other places.  I've lost track.  R.A. called around 3:30 to say that the water was back on at the apartment.  I eventually called back to say that I'd be back Sunday.

When we got back to the house, I caught up on my other calls.  I talked to P., who is working tomorrow, so couldn't make it to the church yard sale.  I talked to S.M. for a while.  I left a message for S., and he called back.  We caught up.  He'd been at the Philadelphia Pride Fest, too, but left around 2 or 3.  I don't think I got there until after 3, so we wouldn't have seen each other.  I was glad he'd made it, though.

I'll post later if anything interesting happens.

Later: I read Come Unto Those Yellow Sands, only a few days after it was published.  I enjoyed it.  It seemed about 60% mystery to 40% romance to me.  Josh certainly doesn't do all romance plot like many romance writers do.  As I commented on AfterElton, he has a lot of other kinds of plot besides romance in his books.  The viewpoint character, Swift, was very oblivious, but he tried hard to help people.  I could tell more about Swift's love interest, Max, than Swift could.  Perhaps part of it was that I'm just used to reading between Josh's lines when it comes to romance.  Max was generally a kind person, too, considering his job as police chief.  He wasn't always thrilled with what Swift did, as many of Josh's police characters aren't too thrilled with the amateur sleuth characters.  I thought it was fairly realistic that way.  I liked the way the relationship developed.

I continue on my strange (quixotic?) quest to try to win an e-reader.  This time I got a short story by J.M. Snyder.  I've read dozens and dozens of her stories, but I don't believe I'd read Escape yet.  (Edited to add: I'd gotten that from ARe in 2009, apparently.  So I had read it a couple of years ago.  Oh, well, now I have it in e-pub format.  Tomorrow I'll try not to get a book I'd already read.)  Escape was cute and hot.  I can manage to get the stories onto my e-reader, and they're in my KOBO library.  Two more days of getting stories through KOBO for this contest.

I went shopping at Samhain, too.  I got The Salisbury Key, by Harper Fox.  I looked at the e-books on my USB drive, and I already had her book Driftwood.  I don't seem to have gotten it from Samhain, though, and I couldn't find it in the books I'd gotten from Fictionwise.  Perhaps I got it from ARe.  (Added: I checked, and I did.)  I probably got Driftwood when it came out.  I remember reading the excerpt on Samhain's website, but that must have been back when they had two websites, and getting books from MBaM was such a pain.  I was getting books published by Samhain through the distributors for a while there.

I'm so far behind on my reading, though I've been reading a good bit lately.  A couple of people on AfterElton have been highly recommending Harper Fox's books, and giving glowing reviews to The Salisbury Key.

I pre-ordered another book, Finding Forgiveness, a story with werewolves.  Considering how many shapeshifter stories I work on, you'd think that I wouldn't want to read them for fun, but I still do, if they look good.

Not much else happened besides reading.  I had Kahlua and cream while Mom had her sherry.  She ate one of the naan I'd gotten a couple of days ago.  I didn't want it with Kahlua, but I guess it went well with sherry.  My plans for tonight are to perhaps do more reading, then try to get some sleep.
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