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I created this journal in order to make a comment on an author's LJ, and have found some varying uses for it.  I had been journaling for several years in The Literate Gardener's Notebook.  I must have six copies of that, as I got more as I filled in the spring and summer months, and had my grandmother give them to me for Christmas.  (She sends money, I get the journal and have her write "Merry Christmas!  Love, Grandma" in the front.)  I like it a lot because it's a nice size and has several lines allowed for each date.  So many journals don't have lines -- my letters just go progressively down in a slant if I don't have lines to write in.  I haven't been using it since I started using this for a gardening journal, but I expect sometime to fill a copy or two of The Literate Gardener's Notebook in by using the entries in this.  I miss being able to just see the person's name, rather than trying to figure out later whose initials I was actually using, but there's a difference between a private journal and a public journal.

Things have improved for me this past year.  I've been working more, and I enjoy my work.  I've learned a good bit more about proofing and editing from the e-book publishing company I've been working for.  (Yes, I realize I ended that sentence with a preposition.)  Out of the e-publishers I've read, I think theirs really does have the best proofing.  I'll do a friends-only post that critiques the proofing quality of various e-publishers.  I don't want to do that as a public entry, but I wouldn't mind teaming up with a reviewer sometime to give my professional opinion.  Well, one of the main definitions of "professional" is that you get paid for your work -- I think I would count that way.  I do try to be good about disclosing that I work for someone if I comment on a book of theirs.  I don't feel as constrained about those authors for whom I'm just a squeeing fan-girl.  Although the line between squeeing fan and collaborator can sometimes be surprisingly thin as far as the world of m/m romance goes.  I develop more and more of an appreciation for the skills involved in writing as I learn more about the process of producing a book.  Whether it's an e-book or not, a book should still be done professional-quality.  It shows if a work is done with care.  Oddly enough, it may not show if the production team really put a lot of effort into editing, because it becomes invisible.  It's an interesting business.

I'm working in different ways to get my views across about m/m romance.  There are some authors who do a lovely job with the characters, and I name those authors frequently.  There are others who have no clue about gay culture and history, and apparently no idea of the research on sexual orientation.  I don't think I have too many expectations here.  If you're going to write about gay or bi men, you should know some of the perspectives they may be coming from.  I know it's fiction, but good fiction tells its own kind of truth.

What kind of segue could I do to one of my other interests?  I'll do a separate gardening entry, but as I mentioned in a previous post, I'm happy about the herbs and other fragrant plants I got this year.  I'm trying to get outside every day to enjoy the Old Garden Roses in their blooming season.  I even ventured out the one day in between thunderstorms, if only briefly.  Those antique roses are such survivors, and they keep going so cheerfully, providing a great deal of enjoyment every year.  I've been inviting people to come see them, and take some of the flowers home.  I'm bringing them in to the secondhand bookstore on my days volunteering there, too.  The lady who volunteers as a cashier on Thursday afternoons, S., really appreciated the blossoms of 'Mme. Zoetmans' that I brought in -- "This is what roses are supposed to smell like," she said.

I'm also enjoying those plants I got purely for their looks -- I think those double-flowered (tuberous?) begonias are gorgeous.  We've got so much shade and the begonias look great in a pot -- the ones with single pink flowers and bronzy leaves look very attractive, too.  I need to plant that hosta I just got.  I was looking through the Plant Delights catalog ( and coveting some of the hostas in there -- one of their specialties.  I was very pleased with the plants I got from them -- everything they said was hardy in Zone 6 was, and grew nicely for me.  The more tender plants performed well that summer.

There are some random thoughts as I try to draw some of the pieces of my heavily compartmentalized life together.  I can talk gardening, I can talk about Goth culture, and I like to discuss the many aspects of queerness with those folks who are open-minded.  At least Goth has some overlap with alternative sexuality, in its own way...   
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