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Wednesday so far

I was tired last night, and must have gone to sleep before three a.m.  Considering how I've been lately, that was pretty good.  I woke around eleven a.m., and got moving a little after that.  I had a couple of hours before my three p.m. appointment, so I decided to get my hair done.  It's a dark red now.  I'll need to get pictures to send R. from Austria.  I started reading Between Sinners and Saints.

At four, I called Mom to see if she wanted to go to the grocery store.  She did, of course.  I got sushi and salad for my dinner, and paper products and cereal for back at the apartment.  My brother J. called while I was eating.  I talked to him a bit, then handed the phone off to Mom, who of course wanted to talk to him.  I had started reading Marie Sexton's Between Sinners and Saints while my hair was being dyed, and after dinner I went upstairs to keep reading it.  I stopped down again at 7:30 or so, and had gotten a call.  Of course it was R.A.  I told her I'd be back later.

I had to finish the book, though, and by then it was 9:30, and I really didn't feel like driving back to Philadelphia.  I left a message to that effect to R., then she called, and I told her that I'd be back sometime tomorrow.  She called back to say she had ballet.  I repeated that I'd see her sometime tomorrow.  I'd asked R.A. in the first round of calls if she'd gotten anything I'd put on the grocery list.  She sounded surprised when she said no.  "I didn't think you would," I said, though I'd told her to take J. and go shopping for those things.  "Why not?" I asked.  I don't remember her having a good answer.  "Well, I got the things, and you can give me money towards them."  She agreed she would.

I've pretty much decided that when the lease is up, I'll leave.  I don't think R. is going to reform.  I really need to look for a live-in companion position where I am officially a live-in companion, and not paying much for rent.  I felt kind of cranky at the grocery store, as I went along pushing a cart while Mom rode a scooter.  I was helping Mom shop and doing the shopping for the apartment at the same time.  I have absolutely no desire to go back to the apartment if I know R. will be there, and when I'm there, she's always there.

Overall, it wasn't a bad day, though.  The book was pretty good.  One of the protagonists was from a Mormon family.  His family didn't approve of anything he was doing, unsurprisingly.  There was a lot about family and religion, but it wasn't really heavy-handed, it was just what the people believed and interacted.  I'm sure I'll re-read the book.

Somewhere along the line, I dropped the e-reader on the floor again, though not onto asphalt this time.  It keeps falling on the corners.  Maybe it's the way it slides out of the bag.  I don't know if it was last night or today that it fell on the stylus corner.  I tried to flatten down the bent bits of the part that shows when the stylus is in.  I asked Dad, and he recommended I use my jewelry-making pliers, which was more or less sucessful.

I've been hard on the e-reader lately with dropping it.  Neuropathy?  I need to be more careful to make sure it's in the bag and the bag is upright.  I carry the e-reader everywhere, taking it back and forth with me on my travels.  It's a lot easier to remember that than to remember my German-English dictionary.
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