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Monday day

And it was somewhat chaotic, but not bad so far.  I stayed up late reading Love Means... No Shame, which was pretty good.  I woke briefly when no one was here, but then went to lie down for a while again.  I got up in the afternoon, when R.A. and M. had returned from their bus trip.  M. went with R. on the bus to her ballet class.

M. made mashed potatoes from the potatoes we'd gotten.  He made baked chicken, too.  I was dubious, having had too much of Mom's pink chicken, but M.'s version was tasty enough.  After dinner, we tried some of the sardines we'd gotten in that box of food, too.  I had one and concluded that I was not a sardine fan, or at least not a fan of sardines just plain.  R. seemed to like them well enough, so she can eat them.

M. and R. have been pretty well behaved, and not yelling too much.  M. naturally speaks in a loud voice, but they haven't been fighting.

I caught up with the book forums on AfterElton.  A couple of people are trying Among the Living after a recommendation from a fan on the Gay Lit thread.  U. is thinking of going to the New York City gay pride parade.  I think he's kind of starved for queer company.

I get the Staples ad, and they were advertising e-readers.  Some you can just order online, but some are in the stores.  The Aluratek LIBRE e-reader is on sale for $69.99.  The reviews on Staples' page for it were mixed.  I got an e-mail from KOBO, too, an advertisement for the KOBO Touch.  I wrote to TeddyPig and asked him about them.  I'm still thinking of getting Dad one for his birthday.  We'll see.  The KOBO Touch might be on sale in a few months.

I went to Google eBooks, and ended up downloading several of the Wizard of Oz books.  They were favorites of mine when I was a child.  I think it took a while to download them because they had lots of pictures.  I have to think of other authors who wrote books pre-1923.

Added: A show about the Stonewall Riots was on PBS.  J. remained watching that channel as they watch TV, like lumps.  R. had gone down with M. to wait for his paratransit ride.  I had gotten interested when I heard, "Next, on The American Experience..."  I thought of asking Dad to tape it, but it was a little late for that, so I just came out into the living room to watch it.

When R. came back upstairs, she asked what the show was about.  I explained to her what it was about.  I'd earlier heard her tell M. that she didn't know what her sister A.'s problem was.  That conversation with M. was in regards to A. being a lesbian.  I only caught parts of the conversation, as I was in my room doing other things.  Perhaps the show caused R. to reflect a little more on it.  Who knows, with her.  I suppose the reenactment scenes of people being beaten with billy clubs by the police had some sort of effect on R.  I told her that things were very backwards in the 1950s and 1960s.  When the interviewees in the movie talked about that other "f"-word being used as a pejorative, I told R. that that was why it upset me when M. used the word.

I don't know if anything takes with R.  Mostly R. and J. seem to watch TV completely uncritically, as just dancing pictures to entertain them.  They're the perfect TV audience.  Oh, when M. yells at the screen, R. echoes him.  When M. cheers when the Phillies get a run, R. echoes him a beat later.  I don't think she understands much, though.

Anyway, when the show ended, I thanked R. for letting me watch the television. 

Later: I did a little online shopping.  All Romance e-Books had a couple of short stories by J.M. Snyder that I hadn't read yet.  Well, I'm sure there are way more than two, but those were ones I found.

I also finally broke down and got the fourth book in the Royal Navy series, Home Is the Sailor.  I loved Ransom, which was the first book in the series.  The third book had Will and Davy at odds for most of the book because of a stupid "Big Misunderstanding" that could have been solved with a few words of communication between the two.  I didn't like that at all.

Then it was around the time that several of the Macaronis went off to Bristlecone Pine Press.  Samhain had bought out Linden Bay, and for whatever various reasons, those authors didn't want to have their books published by Samhain.  I was glad that Charlie Cochrane decided to stay with Samhain, not least because then I could find her books easily.  Bristlecone doesn't sell directly, just through ARe and Amazon.  I don't know why the whole thing bothered me so much.  They had the right to go to whichever e-publisher they wanted, or start their own.  Maybe it was the tone of the explanations.  It also felt to me like they'd deliberately decided they'd rather be obscure.

It's weird, too, because J.M. Snyder has put out a lot of her stories through JMS Books, and that's just fine with me.  It's like finding something new and cool when I look her up on at the romance distributors' sites and find those books.

Anyway, that combination of previous book having that plot/obscure new publisher put me off for a good long time.  I agree with a lot of what Lee Rowan says about m/m romance, and she says it much better than I could.  She's been quite pleasant to me in my slight correspondence with her.  The blurb for this one makes it sound like Will and Davy are at least working together, and I hope to hell it's not another "Big Misunderstanding"/separation of the characters as a plot device.  I'm sure I'll have more to say when I read it.

A bit later: I was very angry with Will at the beginning, when he started off just as he had in the third book, and bitter that it was apparently going to go like that.  I continued on, though, hoping for improvement.  I got to about page 50, and Will and Davy were still communicating to some extent, so I was slightly mollified.  Then I went to the end of the book to see if both were still alive at the end.  I just don't trust Lee after the things she's done to Davy, and that "Big Misunderstanding" third book.  Once I knew what happened at the end of the book, I stopped reading it for that day.

I decided to begin a book I could easily stop in half an hour or so, to go to sleep.  I picked Glinda of Oz, and ended up staying up to finish it. 

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