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Sunday -- Pride Fest

I stayed up late reading, so I overslept for the Pride Parade.  I decided to go to the Pride Fest part for a couple of hours.  I missed the train that came around two, so I went to a nearby IHOP and got brunch.  I made the train that came around three.  I took a taxi up to within a couple blocks of the Fest.  The driver had said he'd only go so far.  I walked over the bridge and into a rainbowy world.  I put on sunscreen first, then wandered around looking at the booths.  I didn't see an MLR Press booth this year on my perambulations, but Dreamspinner Press had a booth.

I figured I'd double back to that, and went to get a smoothie and a bottle of water.  I got a hat, too, a white baseball hat with a little rainbow swirl design on the front.  Thus all set with hat and drinks, I went back to the book booth.  "Dreamspinner," I said to the man behind the counter.  He looked happy that I recognized the booth, as it didn't have a name on it.  I had recognized some of the book covers.  "I have the site bookmarked.  I work for Changeling, but I shop at them all."

"Oh, yes, Changeling does a lot of books with shapeshifters," he said.

"Yes, shapeshifters are their thing," I replied.  The man explained to someone else browsing that the books were 20% off (?).  I did a little browsing myself.  There were a lot of Andrew Grey's books, and at some point I realized that was who that was behind the counter.  "Oh, you're Andrew Grey!"  I was all excited.  "I read 'Cruise for Christmas,' and I have the 'Love Means...' books.  I would have printed out the title pages and brought them along."  I mean for autographs, but I think he was a little puzzled.

I asked which was the first of the books with the satyrs, which I'd been eyeing on the Dreamspinner website.  I got the first.  Then I asked which was the first in the Range series, which I'd seen some good recommendations for from various of my online buddies.  "They stand alone," he said.  "You can read one without having read all the others.  That's not fair to the readers."  Well, that's one philosophy, and rather a nice one, I think.

I ended up getting Children of Bacchus, A Shared Range and A Troubled Range.  I'm still trying to remember who recommended the Range series so highly.  "Could you sign them?" I asked.  I think he was happy to have a fan, even a wacky one, request that.  He gave me a bag with the little giveaways -- ruler, chapstick, bookmark, catalog -- to put the books in.  "Yes, I don't want get strawberry smoothie on the books," I said.  "Thank you," I said when he gave me the signed books.

I didn't see anyone I knew, but I saw a booth for the Philadelphia Fins, the swim club.  The young men manning the booth were dressed in their swim suits, and one had glitter on his shoulders and a bit down onto his chest.  They were getting some attention.  "Tell S.H. that E. said 'hi,'" I said.  They knew who S.H. was.

I called it a day after about an hour and a half.  I had found a publisher's booth, and gotten autographed copies of books.  I had gotten a rainbow accessory.  I was quite satisfied about getting there and the shopping I'd done.  I walked back over the bridge, and to my astonishment, I found a cab.  "Back to Market East, please," I said.  I didn't end up doing very much walking at all.

So it was quite a good day for me.

The apartment was empty when I got back, but R. soon came in with her friend J.R.  We got a call that we were having a box of food delivered.  Well, R. is in a supported-housing arrangement, and qualifies for charities.  We got potatoes, noodles, sardines, matzo meal, cereal, and canned goods.  I told R. to tell M. what we'd gotten.  "I had a recipe for latkes at some point," I said.  "They're more of a cold-weather thing, but I'll see if I can find the recipe."  Well, considering that we got most of the ingredients for them -- potatoes and matzo meal -- why not?  R. and J. had leftover chicken for dinner, and I made jasmine rice.  All of us had that.

We'll see how long J.R. sticks around.  He gave me his contact information.  I'm not quite sure why, but I gave him mine.  He was one of the people who helped R. get her new TV installed and hooked up this afternoon.  P.W. sent someone over from her apartment building to help, as well.  R. does have a pretty good support network.  I wasn't going to try lifting a gigantic flatscreen TV, and I'd have no idea how to hook up the cable, but fortunately R. got help with it.

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