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Friday so far

Ran a few errands, including going to the dollar store so Mom and I could get Father's Day cards.  We stopped off at church because Mom had donated books for the church yard sale that I didn't want donated, but we couldn't find them.  We found the piles and bags of books she'd brought in.  What we found were romances and other books I'd told her to donate.  I'll have to look again when they arrange the books on the tables for sale for the ones I wanted to keep.  (Added: Mom looked in a box at home, and thought that a couple of the books in there were the ones she thought she'd given away that I didn't want given away.  I thought I'd said that she could give away all the books in plastic bags, she thought I meant the ones in paper bags, too...Anyway, there are a lot more romance novels I'll donate to the church yard sale.)

I stopped at the Indian grocery near the dollar store, and got mango drinks and dessert sweets.  I tried milk cakes, otherwise known as alwar pak, and they're pretty good.  I also got a dry mix.  Of course, then I have no idea what's in it, but I like most of the various little cakes.  There was one mango lassi in the refrigerated case, so I got a couple of other kinds as well.  The sweet lassi is pretty good, though I don't like it as well as the mango.  I didn't get rose lassi this time.  When I tried it before, it was like drinking perfume.  I had been intensely curious about khus lassis, and they had them today.  Khus is vetiver, I think.  I tried that one first when we got home.  I'm trying to decide about it.  It does have kind of an herbal flavor.  Maybe it's an acquired taste.

I'm off to S.M.'s to give her lessons in using Word.  We'll see how quickly she learns it, but at least it's a program I know well.  It's probably the program I know best out of just about any computer programs.

Added: We couldn't even open Word on her computer, though there was a shortcut for it on the desktop, and it was in the programs on the computer.  The error message said it could be repaired in the Control Panel.  I looked in the Control Panel, and had no clue.  It was quite frustrating.

We had better luck with her e-mail, as I helped her save attachments.  The PDFs saved just fine.  We had to save the text documents as Open Office documents.  Well, the formatting came out better than saving them as WordPad or NotePad files.

Trekboy asked how I was doing translating the German transcript of his video tour of a Star Trek convention.  I'd gotten as far as figuring that "Klingonen" probably meant Klingons, and then I left my German-English dictionary in the suburbs when I went back to Philadelphia.  I have my dictionary now, and I promised him I'd work on it some more.

The semi-official Gay Lit forum on AfterElton has effectively taken over from the m/m romance forum.  The Lit thread is mostly reviews and recommendations of m/m romances at this point.  I'd kind of rather have had the romance recommendations posted on the romance forum, so they're easier to find.  I guess it could be argued that the romances are on the mainstream now.  Octobercountry gradually went to recommending more and more romances on the Lit threads.  I'm talking with him on whatever threads, and in feedback and PMs.  Perhaps it's partly on me for listing the ARe free books on the Lit thread as well as the m/m romance thread.  I think it's mostly Octobercountry, though.

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