neyronrose (neyronrose) wrote,

Thursday evening

During the day I did a couple of editing jobs and went to get $20 in laundry quarters.  R. was waiting for workmen to come and install her new TV, the one that R.M. had gotten for her.  I waited a while for that, to see if R. and I would be able to go do laundry, but the workmen never showed up.  R. had J. come up for dinner.  I headed to the suburbs around 7:30 p.m.  About halfway to the house it rained pretty hard, with lightning and poor visibility, because the rain was coming down in sheets.  It had rained hard in the suburbs, too, Mom said.  There was a rain delay for the Phillies.

I hope the weather is decent tomorrow, because I want to see the last of my roses.  Well, the once-blooming ones seem to be almost done.  The Tea roses should keep blooming for the summer, and maybe some of those one-year-old roses will grow enough to bloom.  Last I looked, I saw a little bud on 'Tropicana'.  I'll have to see how the Hybrid Teas and Buck roses are doing.  Last time I was here, Rosa rugosa alba had a couple of flowers.  That's the white sport of the species, and should repeat-bloom.

As I came in, I saw that 'Mme. Isaac Pereire' had a couple of blooms.  That's a very fragrant rose, perhaps the most fragrant of the Bourbon roses.  Its pink sport, 'Mme. Ernst Calvat', has quite a sweet scent itself.  I'm sure I'll post a lot more about the flowers here tomorrow.  Even if it's raining lightly, I'll probably go out there and pick a few roses.

I didn't give R. much notice that I was leaving for the suburbs.  I told her in the afternoon.  She had J. there already, though, and was going down to his apartment to watch the game with him.  I'll see what I get done here in the suburbs tomorrow.  I haven't changed my mailing address, so I had a bit of mail.  Mostly I get bills and ads.

I'll probably go back on Friday night, because I want to go swimming Saturday, or at least dangle my legs in the pool, depending how cold it is. 
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