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blast from the past and musings

I spent a good amount of time going through my LJ entries back through March.  It's been a very busy few months.  I'd forgotten about a lot of the things, but when I saw the posts, I remembered.  I'd had a lot of difficult days with R.A., but the occasional good day, too.  The time I've spent in the suburbs has been generally better than the time I've spent here in Philadelphia.

I was somewhat heartened by the talk with C.W., R.M., and R.A.  I don't want to move out before giving another couple weeks of a chance about living in the apartment.  I need to figure out how I can do that and pay my car insurance, but I'll work out something.  If R.A. hasn't improved drastically in the next three weeks, though, I'm gone.

I have very mixed feelings about all of it.  Mom and I fight so much less now that she knows I can leave.  If things improve here at the apartment, I'll be okay with staying.  I don't think I'll need to go to the house so much in July and August.  I'll post on what happens.

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