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Wednesday so far

I didn't sleep at night, but I slept some in the morning.  A repairman came to try to get R.A.'s second phone working.  I didn't know what strange man was in the apartment, but I could hear a male voice.  I peeked out, then went back to my room once I'd gotten the explanation.  After he was gone, I took my shower and then started cleaning the apartment.  I did the bathroom and kitchen.  I'd mopped the floors the other day.

R.M., R.A.'s cousin, had told R.A. that he was coming at 3:00 p.m. instead of 4:00, to go with her to get a TV and another phone.  Before they returned, C.W., R.'s social worker, came in, and I discussed things with her.  When the R.s came back, C. ran the meeting and we discussed the living situation.  Part of it was that I felt like I was R.'s staff.  I was afraid R.M. would get angry and start yelling, but he stayed pretty calm.  He didn't like hearing about how R. and M. scream at each other.  When M. called, R.M. said that there wouldn't be any more yelling.  We'll see.

C.W. is making a chore plan so that R. will do some chores, and I won't feel so much like I'm her staff.  R.M. said it was time for R. to grow up and take some responsibility.  That was my opinion.  I was glad to hear that R.M. and C. agreed with it.

All the stuff that R.A. and C. cleared out of the second bedroom, now my bedroom, has been sitting in the living room for those four months.  R.M. assigned R. and I to take it out to the dumpster.  C. had been saying she'd take it to donate for those four months.  We took it out.  Perhaps someone will go dumpster diving and find treasures.  Who knows?  At least it's out of the living room.

Well, the meeting wasn't half as bad as I thought it would be.  I doubt that R.A. will improve, but she might if she feels motivated.

Later: I ended up going to lie down after dinner, because I was so tired.  R. went to watch the baseball game with Jack, and was worried whether I was okay.  I said, "I'm just tired.  I needed to lie down."  She does get somewhat concerned if she thinks I'm sick.

Ulysses from AfterElton is giving the Romano and Albright series some love.  He said it really made him laugh, and that L.B. writes good sex scenes.  It's quite worth reading what he said about it.  Uly said he'd now gotten the Men of Smithfield series, and I said that L.B. had also written Dudleytown and Mistletoe at Midnight.  I've done quite a job down the m/m romance thread at AfterElton of telling Uly where he could get L.B.'s books and pimping them out.  You're welcome, Sweetbea.

Jordan's had a couple of fans raving about the PsyCop series, the latest one on the semi-official Gay Lit forum.  I mentioned the Petit Morts series on both threads, and also said how much I loved Sleepwalker and Body Art.  I disclosed that I worked for JCP Books, but said that I was still a fangirl of Jordan's, too.  Octobercountry said that he'd put Among the Living on his wish list.  I linked to Jordan's mid-year list, and I don't think it will be hard for AE readers to figure out that this is my LJ.  Oops.  No, I'd posted the link to my LJ on there a couple of times, and at least one AE reader reads this as well.

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