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Tuesday so far

First thing in the morning -- 8:30 a.m. -- Dad came in to do something on the computer in my room at the house.  I've trained myself not to wake up when there's random other noise in the house, but someone opening the door of my room immediately wakes me.  I was irate, and expressed that.  He said to go back to sleep.  I really didn't know if I would, but it didn't take me too long to go back to sleep.

One of them woke me at 11:00 a.m.  I got ready pretty quickly, and met up with my secret love child in time for lunch.  He's volunteering at a Salvation Army in [borough], so I met him near there.  I gave him a hug when I picked him up.  He said he had poison ivy.  Well, it's not like I was touching his wrists, where it seems to be.  Also, I have tons of poison ivy remedies at this point.

I drove to the shopping center where the Chinese buffet place is.  We had a nice lunch, and discussed different things.  He had much to say about the university and the job he'll have there next year.  I vented on the phone to him last night, and it was his turn to vent to me about things.  It was partway between venting and catching me up on everything.  I am interested in what's going on with him, the GLBT group, and his other student activities.  I have a lot on my own mind, though, so I don't know if I'll remember all he told me.

We had talked about him going back with me to Philadelphia, and getting him onto the train that goes to Center City -- the gayborhood.  Apparently his enthusiasm for that was severely curtailed by him having rashes around his wrists.  "I have a delicate reputation to maintain," he said.

"You mean you're infamous," I said.  Well, from his stories, he's infamous in certain circles, or at least in certain bars.  While I was driving, I asked him if he wanted to come back to the apartment for dinner.  M. is planning to cook.  I told S. about how M. uses the word "faggot" while yelling about things.

"I'm on Benedryl," S. said.  "My filters would be off.  Not that I have that much of a filter on what I say normally."  While I would like to see M. really being told off, and while I've strongly objected to M.'s language in the past, I could see how S. might not particularly feel like a confrontation just then.  I felt that S. deserved a warning about it.  S. thought that his Paris T-shirt would be a giveaway.  I didn't know why he thought that, but S. doesn't come across as straight, which I think M. would pick up on.  I couldn't disagree about S. not usually filtering what he says all that much.  I told S. what I'd said to M. when M. had used that word.  S. seemed to take it as he would expect me to do that, which he should.

Anyway, S. texted with his man friend a few times during lunch, and they agreed to meet up in [borough].  S.'s man friend is forty-two, which is why I refer to him that way.  I'd call someone S.'s own age a boyfriend.  S. usually seems to date guys older than he is, but twice his age is a lot, in my opinion.  I had thought I'd spend more time with S., but lunch was nice.

We stopped by the house briefly so I could cut some roses.  I got a sprig of spearmint, too.  I had S. sniff the flowers of the 'Maiden's Blush' rose.  "It really smells like perfume," he said.  'Mme. Zoetmans' is mostly gone by, but there were a few blooms left on that, and those are the flowers I cut.  That's one of my very favorites for fragrance.

I dropped S. off back in [borough].  I went back to the house to get my bathing suits, since I'd paid for the pool, and want to use it this weekend.  Then I headed back to Philadelphia.  I called the apartment to make sure that R. and M. weren't doing anything nasty while I was out.  R. doesn't seem too interested in having sex.  She was rather horrified that M. tried to feel her up.  However, she did tell me that one day she had M. pull out his "wee-wee" to show her.  I was horrified to hear that.  I quickly established that it hadn't happened while I was in the apartment.

It turned out that R. and M. had been practicing having R. go on a bus route to take her to the grief counselor.  They had finished with that and were shopping at Target.  They got back to the apartment just a few minutes after I did.  R.'s cousin R.M. thinks that M. should only have gone with R. the once so she could learn the route, and that M. shouldn't do it again.  I think R.M. has a vastly inflated idea of what R. can do.  M. said that the way R. repeated the route back to him when they got back to the apartment was incorrect.  I wouldn't send her on a bus alone after having her take a practice run only once.  Edited to add: She'll be taking another practice run with M. after all.

I suggested that R. write out the bus route while M. was there to prompt her and while it was fresh in her memory.  Maybe that will help her.

I'm sure I'll have more to say later.

Later: Apparently I'll be doing some proofreading for AfterElton.  We'll see what some of the members have to say about that.  After all, they claim that AfterEllen doesn't have any men working for them.  Judging by the comments, though, the majority of AfterElton's readers are not misogynistic.

Later still: Michael seemed to think I did a decent line editing job on a couple of articles.  Articles seem to be a good fit with my attention span.  I don't have much in the way of long blocks of quiet time anymore, but I can get fifteen minutes in here and there.

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