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Well, we'll see when I meet up with R.A.'s social worker C. and cousin R.M. about how I'm working as staff to Randy, yet paying rent.  C. is off Thursday and Friday, and R.M. will be away next week.  I'm having lunch with S. here in the suburbs, and then he wants to go to the city.  I didn't know he was going into the city in the evening.  I told R.M. and C. that I could meet up with them Tuesday evening.  They originally planned that we could meet up later in the afternoon on Tuesday, and I said I had plans.  It's not often that I get to see my secret love child -- I didn't see him at all last summer -- and I wasn't going to alter my plans in order to go to this meeting.  I'll pretty much be going through the motions anyway, because I think I'll be moving, either back to the house or to somewhere cheaper than where I am now, and where I won't be doing assisted living duties.  I note that I will be cranky if I have to have the meeting the same day that I visit with S.  (Added: Tuesday's booked for C. now, but the meeting might be Wednesday.  As long as it doesn't interfere with my time with my secret love child.)

It occurs to me that R.'s boyfriend M. will be there around the same time S. will be if S. comes to the apartment.  I'll warn S. that M. calls people faggots when he's hating on them.  If he does it in front of S., I have a feeling there will be hell to pay.  S. is not shy about speaking his mind.  I've told M. a couple of times now that I didn't want to hear that language from him, and when he said it at the apartment, I told him that if he was going to say things like that that he could leave.  I think he knew I meant it, which I certainly did.

I continue to be on a roll about not wanting any DRM aside from the usual Adobe stuff on my e-books.  I had hoped to be able to go in and fix the spelling and grammar on some of the books I was getting early on in my e-reading habit, or thought that if I sent a note to the publisher, they could easily fix it.  Well, what did I know?  Now that I edit, I can go in and fix the spelling and grammar, and point out plot logic holes, for usually a novella a week, although it can be more.  Changeling is very good on the production side of things, and a decent proportion of their writers are quite skilled.

As I've mentioned many times here, I don't care for "Gay For You" books, and Willa Okati writes some.  She's an excellent writer, though -- top level.  I like Jade Buchanan's usually wacky novellas, and I'm getting to be a big fan of Lena Austin's.  Sharon Maria Bidwell has written a few books for Changeling, and I'm a fan of Shaz' writing, too.  I think K.Z. Snow is back writing a few stories for Changeling.  When a discussion came up, I said I really liked her writing, and that she wrote good m/m books.  Sean Michael is writing m/f and menage novellas for Changeling as S. Michael, and I like Sean's writing.  Those are just a few of the Changeling authors who come to mind as authors I either was a fan of before or have become a fan of now.

I can't believe how restless I am to talk to people.  I talked to S. for a while yesterday, and for half an hour today.  That counts as talking to a grownup, in my book.  I want to talk to more of my online friends.  I put in a couple of questions at AfterElton that my buddies are probably formulating detailed responses to, but I want to talk with people now.  I don't know what my problem is.  Well, I'm sure I'll have heard from people by tomorrow.

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