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Monday chores and so on

Well, my roommate got a lot done today.  She took a shower and washed her hair.  I was very glad she'd gotten a shower, because it had been at least a couple of weeks.  We went to the management office of the apartment complex and paid for a summer-long pool pass.  Now we're all set with that.  We did three loads of laundry.  I put some light stuff in one of her light loads, and we did a black load in case my new pairs of black shorts ran.  They didn't seem to have.  There was a purple towel of mine in there, too, and I think it would have been streaked if the black clothes had run.  So a shower and three loads of laundry made for an extremely productive day for her.

Once the clothes had gone through the wash, I tossed the wet clothes into the dryer, then the dry clothes into the laundry baskets.  R. actually said, "I can do some.  You don't have to do it all."

"You're too slow," I said.  I just don't have the patience for it.

I continued to look at e-readers and e-reader reviews online.  AlbertaGirl on AfterElton has a Kobo, and noted that they were coming out with a Kobo Touch this month.  (Edited: It's coming out in Canada this month.  It's coming out in the U.S. in a couple of months -- August or so.)  I wonder if Dad would like a touchscreen rather than a navigation button.  Maybe he would.  TeddyPig would have much to say on how it wouldn't be as sturdy, I'm sure, but I think it would be a little easier to use.  As I told her, Dad's birthday is in December, so I have time to think about it.  The Kobo originates in Canada, so I think it's a bigger deal there.  It's connected with Borders here, so there's a pretty good bookstore to choose from.  I think Dad would prefer something that has wireless.  He's the one who hooked up the network here at the house.

I also said that Dad would like to be able to get library books for the e-reader, and get free classic books.  I think the books he's reading now are mostly military history books.  I have to tell him about Baen offering free science fiction books, too.  (Edited: I found the introduction page for that.)  Others of their books are offered very inexpensively.  I think for a semi-major publisher, they're way ahead of the curve as far as e-books are concerned.


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