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Sunday so far

I read the rest of the Moon books last night.  Life, Love and the Moon has a menage of two male werewolves who are mates and a woman.  It was pretty well done.  I didn't absolutely need any of the information in the Moon books to have the books in the With or Without series make sense.  That's fortunate, because I'd read the first three of the With or Without series before reading any of the Moon series.

I woke today to hear R. talking to a man out in the living room.  I quietly fumed that she'd brought a man in while I was sleeping, and would be wanting to take my shower.  It was J.  They'd planned out this whole thing where they would get laundry quarters from the bank and get themselves sandwiches.  When they left, I got up and took my shower.  I was eating breakfast by the time R. came back.  I couldn't believe it, but she'd actually managed to get a roll of quarters.  I was amazed they'd managed to carry out a plan.

R. went downstairs to watch the baseball game with J., since the TV up here is acting up.  I am enjoying the quiet. 

Added: TeddyPig did one of his posts about e-readers.  Of course, he says the iPad is the best thing ever, and if you don't get that, you should get a phone you can read off of.  He pretty much remains unimpressed with everything else, though he says the Kobo Wireless is good for the price.  I don't regret getting the Sony Daily Edition.  I just might have gotten a different Sony if I'd known the 3G only worked for the Reader Store, and that you could only download books directly from that, and not directly from e-publishers.

Here was TPig's post:  I said I'd like to see ratings, and he wrote out a little summary.  Maybe sometime when I have extra money, I'll get one of those smart-phones.  I want to have something I can go to the Internet on -- something I can carry around.

Later:  R. and I went to the grocery store around 6:00 p.m., and it wasn't too busy.  TV dinners were on sale again, and we stocked up.  We got fruit juice and soda and yogurt and such, too.

Later still: I looked up reviews of various e-readers.  A site called CNET seemed to have the most reviews.  PCWorld had some.  Most of the reviews barely mentioned DRM, and there was much love for Kindles and Nooks.  I subscribed to Consumer to see what they had to say.  What they had to say about the Sonys was completely goofed up.  They said the 950 didn't have wireless and had a 6" screen.  That would be the 650.  In what was supposed to be the description of the 650, they described one called the Alex.  It wasn't even by the same company.  I e-mailed them about it.  It didn't exactly fill me with confidence that the descriptions were so screwed up.  Whether it's print or web, the descriptions should be of the actual product, and be correct.

It was a good web-surfing night for me, though.  I might get the Kobo Wireless for Dad for his birthday.  I'd get it for him for Father's Day, but I'm already broke.  I will get him a card, though. 

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