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Saturday so far

Not that much of it yet for me.  I couldn't sleep, so I eventually took Benedryl around five-something.  I re-read "With Love."  Sometime I really need to finish the Jeigh Lynn Moon series.  I read the first two Moon books, but there are another two and a novelette or novella.

M. knocked on the door at eleven-something.  I put my bathrobe on and opened the door for him.  He turned on the TV, and I went back to sleep.  I got up around three-thirty, and did my "morning" things.  M. had gotten a dinner from Boston Market for me for Friday night, and I had it for lunch.  I had had fiesta lime chicken Friday night, and I'm not a huge fan of chicken anyway, so I only ate some of the chicken, but I ate the spinach and sweet potatoes.  I gave M. $20 towards all the meals he'd cooked over the last few weeks.

I ran an errand, and put the rent check in the mail.

M. and R.A. are supposed to be going out to dinner.  R. went on a field trip with the other people in sheltered housing, to the Devon Horse Show.  She had a good time, she said, and saw jumpers.  I used to go there with Dad for some years when I was young.  It's been several years since I've been, though.  M. wanted her to take a shower, and she said, "I will" a number of times.  Of course, she didn't do it, though M. threatened to leave.  I knew she wouldn't.

I'm thinking about doing laundry, and I'll probably clean the floors while they're out. 

Later: After much yelling, M. left, but only went as far as the lobby.  They eventually went out for M.'s birthday dinner, and took J. with them.  I scrubbed the kitchen floor, and dry-mopped my room, the living room, and the eating nook with that Swiffer thing.  I started a load of laundry, including some of my new clothes.

Tags: cleaning up, reading, roommate

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