neyronrose (neyronrose) wrote,

the "taking stock" post

Well, since Jordan did it, I'm going to.

It was a rough winter.  I was glad to be able to walk again, though learning was painful.  There was a lot going on with family.  We grieved when Aunt A. passed away.  We celebrated my cousin R. having her baby, and my brother graduating with a master's degree.  Mom and I fought a lot, but that's much improved since she became dependent for a couple months and I moved.

My roommate R.A. remains a challenge.  She's very needy and wants everyone to do things for her.  I don't know how long I'll stay here.  She was talking a lot about moving in with her cousin, but I'm told that's not actually going to happen.  We'll see what does happen.  The people who know me think living with her has been bad for my health.  I've been in situations that were worse, but I was younger then.

I stayed in touch with the students I was friendly with.  I didn't actually do any volunteering, but spent time with H. and my secret love child, S.  I made more online friends.  I'm grateful to R. from Austria reaching out to be my buddy, Buddy-Hure that he is.  It led me to put in several buddy requests of my own.  I even talk to A. from Green Bay on the phone now, which is fun.  So I've met people through AfterElton, and I've been participating heavily on the m/m romance forum threads there.

Moving put me behind on work, but I caught up with a lot.  Not all of it, but a good deal of it.  I'm splitting my time between the house in the suburbs and the apartment in Philadelphia, which I pretty much expected I would do.  I thought I'd be in the suburbs a lot more in March and April, since Mom got her knee replacement in late March.  Since Dad lost his job, he became her home health aide, and a much more cranky and grudging one than I would have been.  Mom realizes she would have had it much better if it had been me.

I'm getting to the suburbs a lot lately, since the roses are blooming.  I knew I'd be back at the house a good deal of time for these weeks.  I'll probably spend more time at the apartment in the high summer, if I stay.  I'm still happy that I got the e-reader, and I've been able to settle down and read several books in the last few weeks.  I'm edging back towards getting into watching the German soap operas again, watching those ten-year-old clips of Verbotene Liebe.  Seeing Ulli say "Ich will dich" to Tom makes me squee every time.  The channel is very aptly called TorridGermanLove.

I'll add more as I think of more.

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