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Friday day

I slept pretty well, and woke at eleven.  That was about eight hours, and I'd really needed it.  I paid some bills first of all.  I got replies to my e-mails to R.M. and C.W. about how I'm doing so much caretaking for R.A. and how she'd repeatedly said that she wanted to move in with R.M.  They hadn't realized how much I was coaching -- if you want to call it that -- R. in her activities of daily living.  Sure, R.'s depressed, but she's also lazy and feels entitled.  C. expects much more from R., like that she would bathe regularly.  I expected when I moved in that R. would be functioning at a much higher level.

I went out and picked some roses.  I cut a flower from 'Isabella Sprunt', the yellow sport of 'Safrano'.  It doesn't have a whole lot of scent, but some Tea rose fragrance.  The others I picked were the old ones, with good scents.  I got more blooms of 'Mme. Zoetmans', one from the Jacobite rose, one from 'Botzaris', and one from 'Mme. Legras de St. Germain', which has a lovely fragrance.

Mom wanted to go shopping.  I was up for it, as I was still in no hurry at all to go back to Philadelphia.  We went to Sears, where I got a nightgown and such.  We went to K-Mart to look for more nightgowns, but they didn't have that much of a selection of summer nightgowns.  They had some sleep shirts, but I didn't want one with cartoon characters on it.  I got several pairs of shorts, and a bottle of sunscreen.

I stopped at Barnes & Noble on the way back, under protest from Mom.  I told her she could stay in the car or sit at the bench right inside the entrance.  She came in and sat on the bench.  I asked the salesperson in the music section if they had the DVD of the second half of the second season of Glee, but he said it would be a few months until they got that.  They had much of the music from the show available, though, and the complete season DVDs of the first season.  I guess I'll just watch what I have and what's still on the web until the second half of the second season comes out on DVD.

I'll probably go out in a bit and pick more roses.  We're talking about getting dinner from Appleby's.  I'm not going to start driving back to the apartment until seven or so.  I told R. that I'd probably be there around eight.  M. said that R. didn't think that I wanted to come back.  He's more or less correct.  The apartment would be great if it wasn't for R.

Oh, and my secret love child called.  He was about to get a train to Virginia, to visit with his dad.  S. is also hoping to get to Dupont Circle tomorrow night.  I said I'd remembered hearing about the D.C. Eagle.  S. said he thought it was like the Washington version of the Bike Stop, and that he might go there once he'd already had some drinks.  I'm sure he'll have some colorful stories to tell, in any case.  He said something about going to the basement of the Bike Stop last week.

Later: Got back to the city without incident.  R.A., M. and J. were watching the Phillies game.  I caught up on more online.  I did the first run-through on an editing job.  It's a menage, and it's a decent one, though I'm kind of trying to figure out how the rules of magic work in the characters' worlds.  All kinds of magical critters seem to be co-existing, which is okay, but each story introduces a new kind of magic, and it's a series.

For some reason, I'm feeling like my world is a confusing place at the moment.  I'm not sure why.  I have to tell R. how I have this weird fondness for the rants he does in drunken country boy Austrian slang.  I have no idea what he's saying, but I probably wouldn't understand it if he wrote it in standard German, and maybe not even in English.  Drunken ranting is drunken ranting worldwide, it seems.

There's currently this story by a member of AE, S.G., and I'm not sure how much of a story it is.  He said he and his boyfriend had been bashed by seven guys, but that the boyfriend and he knew martial arts, so they won and the bashers were caught by the police, though not before S.G.'s leg was broken.  Now the boyfriend is posting that S.G. got hit on the head somewhere in there, and has lapsed into a coma now.  I feel bad if it happened, but it sounds like one of my soap operas.  August and September 2008 of Verbotene Liebe, actually.

Also, it sounds like something my not-boyfriend J. went through, where a twelve-year-old posed as a girl in her late teens, and had quite the online relationship with J., before the teenager had a lengthy illness and then died, according to her friends.  Apparently J.'s whole thing was faked.  It's made me very skeptical about online things.

Obviously, I know I exist, and I know Jordan and Lisabea and A. from Green Bay exist.  Most people I figure are probably something like their online personas, because some of it seems like it would be hard to make up.  Perhaps I should learn how to Skype, because then I'd presumably be talking to a person.  But it can really be anything when it's just online, and who knows?

Well, I suppose I can separate fiction from reality to a reasonable extent.  It's probably better to take some stories with a grain of salt.  At least in real life, you know they're actual people, though people make lots of things up in real life as well. 

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