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old and newer roses for mild climates

This paragraph is on the old roses that would do well in Zone 7 or warmer.  (See also my Jan. 13, 2009 entry, which was for roses up through the 1930s in the Los Angeles area -- took a line from one of my favorite stories and ran with it.)  Also nice for milder climates: The true Musk Rose (Rosa moschata) -- have grown this.  I thought it had a really nice scent.  'Harison's Yellow', which has apparently naturalized in parts of California and New Mexico (according to Landscaping with Antique Roses).  It only blooms once a year, though.  I am taking most of these from the recommendations in the above-named book.  Another once-blooming rose is 'Fortune's Double Yellow', which is gorgeous.  China roses claimed to be good include 'Old Blush' (have grown this, great for repeat bloom under challenging conditions), 'Cramoisi Superieur' and the similar 'Louis Philippe', 'Archduke Charles', 'Hermosa', Ducher', and 'Mutabilis'.  Recommended Tea roses include 'Safrano', 'Duchesse de Brabant' (love it -- get it if you possibly can), 'Marie van Houtte', 'Perle des Jardins', 'Maman Cochet' and 'Rosette Delizy'.

Going much more modern, I don't know how these Hybrid Teas and Floribundas do in California, specifically, but they are nice ones.  Hybrid Teas: 'Tropicana' a.k.a. 'Super Star' if you like brilliant colors, 'Double Delight', 'Fragrant Cloud', 'Veteran's Honor', 'New Zealand' a.k.a 'Aotearoa', and 'Mister Lincoln'.  Floribundas:  'Iceberg' (slightly fragrant), 'Amber Queen', 'Oranges and Lemons', 'Gene Boerner', 'Europeana' (almost no scent),  and 'Scentimental'.  There are far too many others in both of those categories to name here.  Read the Best Rose Guide by Roger Phillips and Martyn Rix, The Rose Expert by Dr. D.G. Hessayon, or the new edition (2007) of Ortho's All About Roses.  There are a ton of other books that concentrate mostly on roses grown in the last few decades.  Unlike the Old Garden Roses, they're relatively easy to find at a garden center.
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