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Thursday so far

As noted, I didn't sleep Wednesday night.  I think I dozed slightly in the morning.  I made it to Longwood Gardens by about 12:15 and went to the Terrace Restaurant.  I had a salmon salad sandwich, which was pretty good, fresh-squeezed lemonade, and a mini-bundt cake.  It was all pretty good, if expensive, even with the frequent visitor's discount.  I tried calling S.M., but it went right to voicemail.  I tried what I thought was N.F.'s cell number, and got a man's voice.  I called her house and got her husband, D.F., who told me the cell number, which was what I'd called.  I left a message.

I went to one of the information desks, the one between the Orangery and the Exhibition Hall.  I asked where a guided tour was scheduled to meet at 1:00 p.m.  I eventually had about five volunteers trying to help me, but there was no information about where a tour would meet.  N. called back to say that all the other members of the garden club who had made it were at the restaurant.  I must have missed them by only a few minutes.  I headed back there and met up with them.  I was very sleepy after lunch, so nodding a little.

The tour guide met us right on the bridge between the restaurant and the East Conservatory entrance.  He was very slow, talking a lot, then walking a little, and mostly telling us about one tree at a time.  I was nodding while driving the scooter.  It would have been much more dangerous if it was a car, but aside from a few quick stops to avoid running over garden club ladies who stopped suddenly, I didn't have any problems.

He took us to the Flower Garden Walk, and stopped at the fountain there so we could see up to the cool colors and down to the hot colors.  It's a gradation from one to the other -- blues to pinks and purples, with oranges and reds at the hot color end.

We met up with a gardener in the Orangery, and she told us about her staff and all the volunteers who help her with the displays in the Orangery and Exhibition Hall.  They'd just finished with a "Lilytopia" display, which I was sorry to have missed.  The bougainvillea high on the walls of the Exhibition Hall was blooming, and had baskets of petunias the same color to complement it.  The new theme seemed to be fuchias.  I like the ones that have white sepals and a pink corolla, and they had some of those.  I'm not crazy about the more traditional type with pink sepals and purple corolla, but many people like that classic combination.

The water lily displays open tomorrow.  We could see staff working out there.  I'll have to go again soon to see the water lilies.  We took a half circle around the Orangery, and L. recommended the indoors Garden Path.  I was switching off riding on the scooter with G.C.  I think G.'s knees were bad.  She seemed to appreciate her turns on the scooter, anyway.  I went winding through the path area quickly, so I didn't run into anyone coming the other way.  The other ladies took it much more slowly.

I switched off with G. again for the walk down past the topiary to the formal rose garden.  It looked very nice.  We got a couple of pictures of us against a wall covered by a climbing rose.  I think it was 'Eden'.  It had a classic old rose look, but I'm sure it's a modern one.  G., S.M., and P.M., who were the ladies left when the rest of the group split off from us in the Orangery, headed back to the Visitor's Center.  I went back with them.  We made a slight detour to see the American Pillar roses, which were in full bloom over a ring of arches.  It's quite a sight.  They're once-blooming, so the sight is only in June.  I went back into the Visitor's Center, but switched off with G. at the gift shop and headed back out towards the Idea Garden to see the rest of the roses.

I figured out how to get to the waterfall and Chimes Tower without having to go on steps, then went to the Idea Garden, saw the roses, and went down the length of the perennial garden.  I went through the herb garden there a couple of times.  'Ispahan' is one of the roses they have in the Idea Garden, and it was much the same fountain of spectacular blossom as it is for me.  I really must take pictures of mine.

I started back to the house a little after four, and ran into a lot of traffic on the highways.  I took a look at my roses and other flowers when I got back.  "Odee Pink" has another bud, and 'Isabella Sprunt' has several buds.  "Maggie" has an open flower.  I picked more blossoms off 'Mme. Zoetmans', one from the mystery pink rose, one from the Jacobite rose, and one from 'Fantin-Latour'.

We had dinner, and Mom and I went to the grocery store.  I decided that I didn't really feel like driving back to Philadelphia, so I am still in the suburbs, and very tired.  I may take a nap before A. from Green Bay calls, and we discuss who's wrong on the Internet.  That usually takes us a couple of hours.

Later: I lay down between 9:30 and 10:30.  I didn't actually sleep, but I feel a little better.

Later still: A. and I talked about various things, including TV shows.  A. recommended Happy Endings.  I said I might try it out.  We were saying how some of the gay characters on TV were stereotypical, and he said the character on Happy Endings wasn't stereotypical that way.  I adore Kurt, but he's really not going against any stereotypes.

We discussed what was going on in our lives, mine pretty much what I've vented about on here, except that I use the people's names when I talk to A.  After our conversation, I finished up an editing job on a novelette, and then actually got a good amount of sleep.


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