neyronrose (neyronrose) wrote,

Wednesday night

I didn't want to go to sleep at seven p.m., when I was very tired, so I made black tea, Midnight Peony.  I drank it between seven-thirty and ten, so naturally I'm wide awake now.  I watched the "Prom Queen" episode of Glee.  (*spoilery*?)  Poor Kurt, he was devastated.  R. from Austria sent me a transcript of what he said when he taped a little tour of a Star Trek convention that happened in central Europe.  I'll have to ask him if the convention was in Vienna.  He had his hair dyed blond at the time, and I was very amused to see the twinky blond Trekboy.

I said I'd work on translating it over the next couple of days.  "Klingonen" is plain enough.  Looks like I'll be talking to A. from Green Bay sometime late Thursday night, as we discuss who on the Internet is wrong and so on.  "Someone on the Internet is wrong" generally turns into a lengthy conversation.  It cracked me up when he said he spends all this time talking to women, and it doesn't get him anywhere, or something along those lines.  Well, aside from pleasant conversation, no, there's nothing in in for him.  Still funny.  Also, welcome to my world.

I suppose I'll take some allergy pills and see if I can get to sleep.

Later: Did not sleep at all.
Tags: friends, tv

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