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Well, I didn't sleep at all Tuesday night, in spite of trying to go to bed by 1:30 a.m. and trying several different things to make me sleepy.  I dozed a little sometime in the morning, and woke at around 2:10 p.m, in time to get to my 3:00 appointment.  I feel like I could go back to sleep now, but I think it's better if I stay up and try to sleep tonight.

During the night, I read L.A. Witt's Cover Me.  I thought it was pretty good.  U. discussed it on AfterElton, and said he didn't feel like the characters could be real people.  I'll probably post to say that I thought it was well-written, and that the characters were convincing enough for my reading pleasure.

Wednesday day: I spoke to people about how I'm effectively R.A.'s caretaker.  Then I e-mailed her cousin R.M. and her social worker C.W.  We'll see what they say, but I said that it wasn't right that I was paying to assist her with activities of daily living.    I know quite well what I was paid as a nursing aide to help people with their ADLs, and I'm doing much the same for R. while paying rent to her cousin.  I hate confrontation, too, but it's wearing on my health to be her caretaker.

I'll post if I do anything else today, but I don't think I'll be doing much.

Later: I got out briefly to see my roses.  "Maggie" is blooming.  'Mme. Plantier' had a lot of flowers.  The blossom on "Odee Pink" is fully open.  'Ispahan' is in full bloom.  'Mme. Legras de St. Germain' has some buds opening.  'Botzaris' is in full bloom.

AfterElton has an article on the 21 best m/m kisses.  They included a Chrolli one, and other international ones.  They had Kurt and Blaine of Glee.  One reader linked to what I think of as Christian and Olli's fifth kiss (by Deepdarkmidnight's count).  I agreed that that one was good, but said that they'd had a lot of memorable ones.

I watched an old Verbotene Liebe clip, where Tom and Ulli are cuddled up cozily in a sleeping bag after one has pushed the other into a lake, and they both went in.  They're in their boxers, and Ulli wants to talk relationships.  I didn't get all of the German, of course, but I love the part where Tom clarifies a relationship by saying, "Chris ist Mann."

Ulli asks, "Du bist schwul?"  It doesn't take Ulli long to find a reason to get out of the sleeping bag.  I wish I could find a subtitled version of that clip, but what I got of it was enough to give me much entertainment.

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