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Well, I probably fell asleep at three-something a.m.  I had asked Mom to try to wake me at noon.  She tried, and tried again at one.  I finally got up at one-thirty.  I went out and picked more roses, and really didn't want to leave with the roses blooming.  Mom had said she wanted to go shopping, but she was watching the Phillies game, and didn't want to go anywhere when she was watching that.  I headed back to Philadelphia a little after three.

R. called when I was more than halfway back, and said she wasn't dressed yet.  I told her to get dressed.  I dropped some of my bags off in the lobby of the apartment building, and called to see if she could come get them.  A half hour after her call, she still wasn't dressed.  I parked and brought the rest of my bags.  A pizza delivery guy had his bag where my suitcase and things were.  I headed upstairs with all my stuff.  "You'd better have that chain off," I yelled through the door as I balanced my things to unlock it.  The chain was on.  "Undo this chain," I shouted.  After a minute or two, she came to undo it.  I was fuming.  "I'm carrying all this stuff, you know I'm coming upstairs, and you keep the chain on," I said.

"Sorry," she said.

"You'd better remember for next time," I said.  I really don't know if she'll remember.  You never know, what with her brain damage.  I dropped off my things.  She was dressed at last.  "Let's go," I said.  "We've got to get to M.'s."  She fiddled around for another fifteen minutes, and tried to put in earrings.  "You're so stubborn, and so slow," I said.  Finally, she was ready, and we took off for M.'s.

We got to M.'s around five.  He had the TV and a radio on, and after a little while I asked him to please choose one or the other.  I'd rather not have anything on at all, but I have real issues when it's two different things playing at once.  He chose the TV, and turned the radio way down.  It was mostly news on, and I watched somewhat while he basted the ribs every so often.  I felt better once we'd gotten there.  It was just the thought of all that driving, then driving more, and worry about bad traffic.  Also, I wasn't looking forward to dealing with R. and her nonsense.  The traffic wasn't bad driving to Philadelphia, or to M.'s apartment.

This time the ribs were really good.  M. had cooked corn on the cob, too, and made brownies for dessert.  I told him it was a good dinner, and thanked him.  We left around seven, as I was still worried about traffic.  It still wasn't too bad.  I found a parking space, and we headed upstairs.  I may do some editing later.  I doubt I'm going to sleep any time soon.  Well, I have the computer, and my e-reader, and even some print book romances I could read.  I just desperately miss being outside with my roses.

'Teasing Georgia' has several blooms.  That's the one Mom can see from the family room, because it's right outside the back door.  She likes yellow roses, too.  She's said a few times how beautiful it is.  'Ispahan' has most of the top flowers in the sprays of them open, and it looks like 'Mme. Zoetmans' does, too.  There are still just a few blossoms open on 'Maiden's Blush'.  'Botzaris' is blooming, and that's a sweet-scented one.  I'll have to call the garden club ladies, and tell them to come over and take pictures.

Later: I ended up looking for more fanfiction, and searching for more of the old Verbotene Liebe clips, the Tom and Olli ones.  I found a couple with subtitles on Veoh.  The video quality is horrible, but I've seen better quality video clips of those episodes.  Ivan, who worked with Nanna quite a bit on Chrolli clips, from what I understand, has a reference to Josh's story Critic's Choice in the description box of one of his Chrolli clips:  I sent a message to Ivan.  He says he's a huge fan of Josh's, and has read just about everything Josh has written.  I really should reply.  (Edited to add: I replied.)  I found it kind of cool that a fan of the soap operas is also such a fan of m/m romance books.  I've seen that before, of course.

Monday night: I couldn't sleep.  I ended up reading The Dickens With Love.  My interest perked up considerably once the ocelot came on the scene.  I think I just had a thing about a modern-day author writing paragraphs that were supposed to be by Dickens.  I ended up liking Sedge, though, and there were charming parts of the story.

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