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Friday so far

Well, it's been kind of a lazy one for me.  The exterminator came at ten.  He thought the bugs might be coming up through the pipes in the bathroom, so he put bait there in the cabinet under the sink, and a monitor strip.  He didn't see any signs of bugs in the kitchen, thank goodness, and just put a monitor strip under the sink there.  I went back to sleep for a little while afterwards, then made myself get up and get going.

R.A. spent a lot of the day lying down, but she did take a shower and wash her hair, so that was good.  We went to the grocery store and stocked up on TV dinners, which were on sale.  We got a lot of fruit, too.  I hope we eat it all before it goes bad.  I've asked her for three days in a row now if she wants to do laundry, and she says, "In a few minutes," and goes to lie down.  Well, I'm more concerned about her bathing on a regular basis.  M. can yell at her for not doing laundry.

Josh Lanyon continues to get mentions on AfterElton's "semi-official Gay Lit" forum.  Octobercountry has read Fatal Shadows and A Dangerous Thing so far out of the Adrien English Mysteries.  He thinks Jake is a self-loathing asshole, and he hasn't even read The Hell You Say yet.  I said that I loved the mystery plot of The Hell You Say, but not to read it for romance, that a lot of fans got very upset with what happened in the relationship.  I was like, "You think Jake's a jerk now..."

J. from Buffalo also said that Jake develops as a character, but that it gets worse before it gets better.  I said that some of my online friends, like Kris of Kris 'n' Good Books, still thought Jake was a jerk (to say the least) after reading all the books.  I thought he sort of redeemed himself eventually, and at least he apologized.  I thought Adrien was too quick to forgive Jake for many of the things Jake had done, but I could kind of go along with it, at least to understand why Adrien forgave Jake.  I think we can all say that Josh has written many more sympathetic love interests than Jake.  But I'm sure there will be a lively discussion there.

Later: Well, we actually got four loads of R.'s laundry started.  I don't know if we'll get it all before the laundry room closes for the night, but I think all the loads are in the dryers down there by now.

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