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Thursday so far

Well, R.A.'s social worker, C., was supposed to come at one.  I was kind of waiting for her, but I want to go get bug spray sooner than later.

Last night, I rewatched some old clips of Verbotene Liebe, the Tom and Ulli ones from TorridGermanLove.  I tried to find the subtitled clips of Olli and Tom, but have only found a couple of clips with transcripts, from Ireneks.  The Olli/Tom/Ulli love triangle is around online with subtitles.  I'm months behind on the present-day VL, but I'm kind of afraid to watch until I know things are improving.  It sounds like they're getting worse and worse.  My memory of spoken German words has gone way down, but I can still match some German words with the English subtitles, especially in clips I've watched repeatedly.

A little later: We got out and got bug spray, paper products -- we go through paper towels fast -- and fruit juice and soda.

Thursday night: I went searching for more of the 2000 and 2001 VL clips.  I found some, but very little with subtitles.  A few of the clips I have nearly memorized, anyway, subtitles or no, like Olli's first time with Tom.  As much as I adore the more mature Olli from 2008, I'm fascinated by the twinky Olli of ten or eleven years ago.

I finished an editing job, a cute little story about a lust demon.

I've been getting more reading in, too.  I read the latest m/m romance from Samhain, Camwolf.  The protagonists were awful at communicating with each other, but fortunately both had women friends to knock some sense into them.  I've been mentioning Samhain and Loose Id a lot on the AfterElton m/m romance thread.  Guess that's where I go when I want novels.  I wrote a bit about the couple of Val Kovalin's novellas I've read, and said that they were from Amber Quill Press.  I liked Wicked Cool.  In the last few weeks, I've been much more able to settle down and read for pleasure than I was, and I'm happy about that.

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