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Tuesday real life and TV - "New York" episode

I didn't sleep a whole lot last night, but I made it to the doctor's all right.  She thought my poison ivy looked much better, and that I was well on the mend.

M., R.'s boyfriend, called to say that he'd stopped R. from pouting.  Whatever.  I'm not sure how to interpret his version of events.  R. could well have been pouting that I was gone today to see the doctor.  M. could have been putting his own word on it.  M. invited me to come for Memorial Day to have ribs and chicken.  He'd been wanting me to drive R. over on Memorial Day, and I had been noncommital because I didn't know what I'd be doing then.  I guess I could go.

I plan to watch Glee tonight, then head back to the apartment.  I have editing to do.

There's a lot of discussion of Glee on AfterElton.  Some of the actors did well in the AE Hot 100 list, and there are accusations of fourteen-year-old fangirls coming to the site just to stuff the voting boxes.  The poll had previously been reserved for gay and bi men to vote on, and I was totally fine with that.  This year it was opened up, and there was a bit of hate towards women and "outsiders" voting.  Those comments were in the minority, but stinging enough.  I saw there was an editor's note that women could vote this year, so I did.  As I commented, it's obvious that I'm not someone who came to the site just to vote for the Glee actors.  Well, I may comment more here and there, but I don't plan to obsess about it.

Later: I planted the scented geraniums and the two little jasmines in bigger pots.  The Jasmine humile 'Revolutum' has little yellow buds.  The scented geraniums had suffered some from being in their little pots out in the sun, but I watered everything after I planted it.  The herbs I planted a couple of weeks ago all seem to be doing fine.  'Mme. Zoetmans' had another flower open.  The sweet briar is blooming, and I should take some pictures.  The blue flag iris continues to bloom.

Later still: I watched the season finale of Glee.  It was uneven, but I thought it had flashes of brilliance.  The scenes between Dustin, the coach of Vocal Adrenaline, and Will were cool.  I've seen much discussion, too, about the show generally being mainstream and mediocre.  Kurt saved parts of the episode for me.  One thing I was glad to observe was that the season finale didn't shy away from the gay.  The sensibility was still there, the people were still there, just a part of the show, and among the important parts of the ensemble.

It really struck me that Kurt/Chris is doing quite the job of bringing a gay young man into mainstream acceptance.  Sure, the character is a flaming queen, so it's not exactly breaking stereotypes that way, but he's much more than that.  People like him, including those fourteen-year-old girls.  The show is a big part of pop culture now.

(Insert disclaimer about some of my best friends being flaming queens, which has been true at various points in my life.)
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