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Monday real life and TV

R.A. was weepy.  She's once again talking about wanting to live with her cousin.  She spent most of my bath time whimpering from what sounded like right outside the bathroom door.  I made tea at her request, and thought about putting off going to the suburbs long enough to convince her to take a shower, but it would have taken me into rush hour.

J., her usual babysitter, is in Greece with his sister.  R. was going to go off to the apartment of another supported-living resident to stay with her for the rest of the afternoon and evening.  I guess she'll have another babysitter tomorrow.

Mom is still trying to show me the attractions of living back in the suburbs.  She told me there was a program on butterfly gardening at the county library.  Mom also made meatloaf with applesauce.  I had to get the brown sugar and vinegar and such down from the cabinets for her in between looking around outside to see what was blooming.

The blue flag iris is still blooming.  I picked another blossom from 'Kronprinzessin Viktoria' and a couple from ‘Mme. Zöetmans’.  I haven't picked any sweet briar flowers yet.  This year so far, I've cut off little branches of it to enjoy the "green apple" scent of the leaves, but the flower doesn't have much of a scent.  I might take some pictures, though, because the flowers have that wild rose beauty of their own.

‘Mme. Zöetmans’ is one of my favorite roses.  It's got this great lemon/damask rose fragrance.  It blooms early, but it lasts a couple of weeks.  There are probably a hundred buds on the bush I have.  I'm very fond of a number of other roses, too, from the ancient to the modern, but that one's way up there.

The "tree guys" had come and taken out at least one small tree, and taken away Dad's brush piles.  The gap from the tree being gone is right over my fern garden, so we'll see what happens with that.  A surprising amount of the ferns survived their work, and they can always come back from the roots.  I may be able to put some plants that like sun in there.

I made it to the program on butterfly gardening, which was pretty informative.  There were a lot of things I already knew, but I learned some, and got a Penn State extension handout on butterfly gardening.  I have a couple of books on butterfly gardening already.

I resumed my Glee marathon, and got through the first half of the second season.  I can understand why Kurt is so popular.  He's not perfect, but he's a brave kid.  If I didn't already have a secret love child, Kurt would be one I'd want to adopt.  I've watched random episodes lately from the second half of the second season, so I think I'm about as caught up as I'm going to be until the DVDs for the second half of season two come out.

I see the doctor tomorrow afternoon to show her that my poison ivy is much improved.  My arm still looks burned, and I'm not sure if it's going to stay dark red or if that will fade.  The swelling from the cellulitis is almost all gone, though.  I pretty much think that my skin will get back to normal sooner or later, though I might have a few small scars.

Before and after I see the doctor, I'll try to get in some gardening with Dad.  I still need to plant those scented geraniums, which are suffering somewhat for still being in their little pots for a couple of weeks.  I want to get what's left of the jasmines into larger pots, too.

Then my plan is to have dinner, watch Glee, and head back to Philadelphia.  I'll bring some flowers back with me.

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