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Sunday day

Well, I watched a couple episodes of Glee Saturday night, one online ("Born This Way") and a couple of first season ones from my DVDs.  I'm midway through the first season on DVD, where Kurt is setting his father up with Finn's mother.  Burt and Finn are starting to bond, and Kurt feels left out.  I think he realizes it's his own doing, though, from setting the parents up.

Then I was wide awake, and did various things to try to get to sleep.  Benedryl didn't do anything except make me feel less congested.  I think I may have dozed off around five or so.  I officially got up at two, though I had been hearing R. yelling back and forth with M. on the phone a few times for a couple of hours.

R. has been weepy, and whimpering every little while.  I told her I wasn't mad at her, that I was just trying to not feel down myself.  I'm disconnecting from it as much as possible.  We're low on money, but need groceries.  I may go out at dinner time, when the stores are hopefully quieter, and get some of the essentials.

My plan is to watch more Glee.  I have lots of laundry, too, and may do wash later this evening.

Lots of news about the Rapture that didn't happen.  AfterElton had a "bucket list" of things people would do in their last twenty-four hours, asking for readers to make their lists.  Some of the replies were very interesting.  I can think of some things I had on my list many years ago.  I have a tattoo.  I have a degree.  I enjoy my work.  I'd like to visit Europe sometime.  It could happen.

But today I'm just trying to keep an even keel and maybe get some things done in the evening.

Added later: We got out to the grocery store, and got some essentials.  I stocked up on TV dinners.  I might cook only occasionally, but at least that's some nourishment that's cheaper than ordering out.

I did two loads of laundry, too.  I still had some left over, but only about a half a load.  I did a couple sets of sheets, and most of the clothes I'd worn lately.

I felt a sense of accomplishment for getting laundry and shopping done.  R. went with me for the grocery shopping.  Even though she'd been weepy and anxious all day, she didn't want to be left alone.  I had told her she could just give me $25 and go lie down, and I'd do the shopping.  She didn't burst into tears at the grocery store, and I'd figured it was likely she would.  "We worked as a team," she said.  Well, I encouraged her to pick out types of TV dinners and yogurt that she liked.

I didn't have the patience to work on her laundry, which is getting to be piled high above her hamper again.  She probably would have been uncooperative, and done her work slow-down thing.  I didn't have the time, either, considering the laundry room closed at ten.

After I'd gotten my clean laundry upstairs, I went on a Glee marathon, and watched the second half of the first season.  I'm now getting a lot of the references that I'd missed before.

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