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Saturday day

I got tired of fighting to keep my eyes open around 10 p.m. Friday night, and went up to bed.  As soon as I lay down, I was out, with my glasses on and the lights still on.  About an hour later I woke long enough to turn out the light and take my glasses off.  I slept nearly straight through for sixteen hours.

When I got up at 11, Mom said, "Good, we can go shopping."  Dad had gone off to a parade, and there wasn't any more bread in the house.  I had brunch and took Mom grocery shopping.  I ran into the liquor store and got her her bottle of golden sherry, too.

I called R.A.'s boyfriend M. to see what was for dinner.  "Corned beef, like you asked for," he said.  Rather reluctantly, I packed up to go back to Philadelphia.  M. had things, including R., under control, though.  They helped me bring my things in from the car, which I thanked them for.

M. had made split pea soup, the corned beef, and potatoes with onions.  It was a good dinner.  Now, at 7:30, they're watching the baseball game, and I'm catching up online.  I think I'll try to go to bed relatively early tonight, too.  I changed my linens, so the bed is ready when I am.

My arm looks better than it did, though it still looks burned.  I took an oatmeal bath this morning, and soaked some of the scabs off.  The swelling on my right leg has gone down.  Apparently I do some kind of "Thinker" pose, maybe in my sleep, which would explain the location of the poison ivy on my leg.  That's still pretty streaky-looking, and looks burned, too, but it's also better than it was.

At some point, I want to try to do some catching up with my soap operas, though from what I hear, nothing good has been going on with the characters for months, and both VL and AWZ had cheating storylines.  I wish they could figure out something better to do with the couples.

I may instead catch up on Glee.  I'd watched the first half of the first season on DVD, and read the recaps on AfterElton for the first half of the second season.  I got the DVDs for the second half of the first season and the first half of the second season, and have seen a few of the recent episodes.  I'll get the DVDs for the second half of the second season in a couple of months, but I've seen some of the highlights of that part of the season already.  From what I've seen, I really like Kurt.  I know he gets horribly bullied, but judging from the last three or four episodes, it didn't break his spirit.

I don't have any big plans for tomorrow.  Mom said that the county library out in the suburbs has a program about butterfly gardens on Monday night, and I see the doctor on Tuesday.  I'll likely drive out to the suburbs on Monday afternoon, and drive back to the apartment after Glee on Tuesday.  Somewhere in there, I have grocery shopping and laundry to do here in Philadelphia, but I'm not in a great hurry to do those on Sunday.

R. started to say she was PMS-ing, but my plan is to listen to as little of her crap as possible.  I have at least three sets of earbuds here, and I will put them to good use.  Maybe I'll go down to see what the laundry room situation is on Sunday evening.  I have my iPod to listen to while R. is fiddling around with her laundry.

Well, R. and M. are watching the baseball game at the moment, 8 or so.  I'll be at the computer for a few hours, or lying down reading.  I'll post if anything exciting happens.
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